How Much Do Instagramers Make?

How much does an influencer on Instagram earn for a sponsored post, a product placement? What salary can an Instagram influencer expect based on the size of their community? Who has not already asked the question? Whether you are an influencer yourself and want to compare your monthly income with a larger study or you are an advertiser and wondering about the amount you have to spend to pay for the services of an influencer, the recent study conducted by HypeAuditor about Instagram earnings should be of interest to you.

Study: how much do Instagram influencers earn in 2021?

HypeAuditor interviewed more than 1,865 Instagram influencers with over 1,000 followers in order to conduct its study.

Although almost all of the accounts are not French, this study is a very good barometer to gauge the international but also French market and estimate the remuneration of French-speaking Instagramers.

The main key figures from this Instagram salary study:

  • 48.49% of 1,865 influencers surveyed said they made money on their accounts ;
  • On average, influencers earn $ 2,970 per month (around 2,500 euros) with their Instagram account (1K-10K micro influencers earn $ 1,420 per month, mega influencers over 1 million earn $ 15,356 per month);
  • On average, influencers spend 24 hours a week maintaining an account. Most of their working time is spent on posts, stories, communication with followers, team management, marketing strategy and communication with partners;
  • Instagram influencers who make money on their account, worked on their account an average of 28.7 hours per week, while those who do not make money spent an average of 20.9 hours per week;
  • The average Instagram influencer earns $ 31 an hour (approximately € 26 per hour). Beauty influencers earn the most with an average income of $ 60 per hour. Mega influencers earn from $ 187 per hour (vs. time spent maintaining the account)
  • Among the most popular ways for influencers to make money beyond promoting a brand (40.15%), building a personal brand with directing traffic and customers to their own business is the second source of revenue for influencers (21.71% say they use this means of monetization). Participating in affiliate programs comes next (14.92%). The sale of online courses is also in good place with 3.86%. Subscription services (Onlyfans, Discord and others) were rated as an additional source of revenue by 7.68% of influencers;
  • 47% of influencers said after starting Covid they started making more money than before;
  • 25.78% said that in the future they will be able to live off the income of an Instagram account, and 4.27% of respondents are already living on income from an account (on average, these influencers receive $ 5,912 from their account per month);
  • 21% of influencers work with brands by carrying out unpaid partnerships via barter (donations of products against visibility), 23% for money and 56% on a hybrid model with donations and money;
  • 61% disclose to their community that it is a sponsored partnership when it comes to a paid post with mention of the brand, 12% do not;
  • 47% of influencers say they are impacted by fraudulent activity (bots, automated likes, bot comments, etc.);
  • 49.68% are seeing more and more fraudulent activity and unnatural commitments now.

How many Instagram influencers earn money with their account?

Instagrammer salary study
The proportion of Instagramers who earn money with their account according to the size of their community

Although remuneration often depends on the number of subscribers, not all influencers get paid with their Instagram accounts.

According to this HypeAuditor study and on the basis of 1,865 responses, here is the share of influencers who get paid by number of subscribers:

  • 1K – 10K: 22.99%
  • 10K – 50K: 43.11%
  • 50K – 500K: 57.36%
  • 500K – 1Million: 68.75%
  • Over a million: 63.64%

How many followers do you need at least to make money on Instagram?

HypeAuditor has not communicated on the number of respondents per group of followers but this already gives us an interesting overview which shows that from the slice of 1 to 10K followers, it is already possible to earn money with an Instagram account, even if 8 out of 10 accounts are not yet remunerated at this stage.

What is the average remuneration of influencers on Instagram according to their community?

average salary instagram influencer
What is the average monthly salary of Instagram influencers based on their community?

What is obvious at first glance is that an influencer with 10,000 subscribers will not earn the same as an influencer with 100,000 subscribers, what is less obvious is that the theme in which the The influencer evolves will also have an impact on the monthly income generated.

This graph shows the average revenue for all topics combined according to the number of subscribers on the account.

960 influencers were surveyed to obtain these results:

  • 1 to 10K: $ 1,420 / month
  • 10K – 50K: $ 2,061
  • 50K – 500K: $ 3,517
  • 500K – 1M: $ 5,847
  • Over a million: $ 15,356

What are the sectors where influencers earn the most on Instagram?

Accounts with 500,000 subscribers in the travel world do not earn as much as accounts in the fashion world.

Why ?

Depending on the sector, there are more or less advertisers who are ready to invest in marketing influence, the remuneration of influencers therefore depends largely on their number of subscribers but also and above all on the sector of activity. to which their account is attached.

Here is the ranking of the sectors that pay Instagrammers the most according to this study, which covers a sample of 960 Instagrammers:

salary study instagrammer sectors
Average remuneration of instagramers by sector of activity
  • Pets: $ 4,653 / month on average
  • Business and Marketing: $ 3,926
  • Fitness and sport: $ 3,810
  • Family: $ 3,653
  • Beauty: $ 3,604
  • Fashion: $ 3,101
  • Lifestyle: 2557s
  • Kitchen: $ 2,163
  • Travel: $ 1992
  • Other mixed sectors: $ 2,919

If you ever get started on Instagram and ultimately want to earn money with your account, creating an account around the topics that bring in the most is not a bad idea as long as you have quality content to share with you. future community.

How much do Instagram influencers earn on average per post?

average income instagram post
What is the average income per post of an Instagrammer based on their audience?

Whether it is a publication that appears in the news feed, a story, a real or an IGTV video, the price per publication will often not be the same but this graph gives us an overview of the average price. charged by influencers for a sponsored post, based on the size of their community.

Thus, we learn that 44.57% of influencers with a community of 10 to 50K followers charge an average of between $ 100 and $ 500 per sponsored post.

For influencers with between 500K and 1 million subscribers, 36.36% of them charge between 500 and 1000 dollars for the post and 18% of them more than 2000 dollars for the publication.

What are the main sources of income for Instagram influencers?

Instagram influencer revenue sources
The main sources of income for Instagram influencers

Like any business or online activity, the instagramer can earn money through different sources:

  • Sponsored publications live with brands;
  • Developing a personal brand and redirecting traffic to your own service / product / e-commerce site;
  • Affiliate programs (which pay the instagramer if they redirect buyers to a third-party service or site);
  • Online courses;
  • Subscription services;

What types of compensation do influencers accept with brands?

type remuneration instagram influencers

Most Instagram influencers get paid on the basis of a hybrid partnership with both product donations and a fixed price per post (56% of accounts surveyed).

Only 21% of Instagramers who get paid with their accounts accept product donations in exchange for free brand visibility.

23.37% of Instagramers will exclusively accept remuneration without donating products.

How long do Instagram influencers work on average? And how do they distribute their working time?

On average, influencers spend 24 hours a week maintaining an account. Most of their working time is spent on posts, stories, communication with followers, especially team management, marketing strategy and communication with partners.

Influencers, who make money on their account, spent an average of 28.7 hours per week, while those who don’t make money spent an average of 20.9 hours per week managing their account.

Do Instagram influencers make a living from their account?

Through this study, 25.78% of influencers responded that over time, they will be able to earn a living from their Instagram account.

4.27% said they are already living on their Instagram account.

People who report already living on income from an Instagram account earn an average of $ 5,912.8 per month.

Living from an Instagram account is not impossible

Live from an Instagram account is therefore possible as long as we give ourselves the means and that we grow our account in a profitable niche and with a sufficient number of followers.

From 100K followers, it becomes much more likely to turn your hobbie into a lucrative passion that offers the instagramer the possibility of living from his income on Instagram.


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