How much do Pepe Aguilar tour tickets cost?

How much do Pepe Aguilar tour tickets cost?

Pepe Aguilar is about to start his 2022 tour called “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras”, with which he will visit many places in the United States and also arrive in Mexico.

According to what the TicketMaster site reports, the value of the tickets to see the artist varies from 74 to 330 dollars, depending, as always, on the location that each attendee chooses in the venue: how much closer the seat is to the scenario, the more expensive the ticket.

Flor Silvestre’s son will take his music to places like California, Texas and New Jersey starting this Thursday and according to what he told the press “even the Martians will like it.” He also explained that the name of this project is related to his intention not to remain pigeonholed only in Mexico, but also to bring the regional genre closer to other places in America and the world.

Within the framework of this tour, it is known that Ángela Aguilar’s father will have a single presentation in the Aztec country, which will take place on November 19 in Zacatecas, although so far there are no published ticket prices.

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