How much do Televisa actors earn?

How much do Televisa actors earn?

Televisa is the most important channel in Mexico and has become for many actors a space of fame and also of collection since the company pays them significant salaries for their performances.

According to the information currently circulating on the Internet, the basic salary of a Televisa artist is 50,415 Mexican pesos (2,500 dollars), although of course the amount may be higher or lower, depending on the figure that charges it.

As explained by the Glass Door site, 12,712 Mexican pesos (almost 700 dollars) is what a person who is not known and who apparently fulfills a secondary or tertiary role receives.

But when a production is very successful, its members can be lucky enough to receive a lot of money monthly. That was what happened with Los Exitosos Pérez since the actor Mauricio Mejía said that he earned 8 thousand dollars a month plus an extra 3 thousand dollars to cover personal expenses.

Continuing with that line, Victoria Ruffo, one of the most important figures of Televisa, charged, for example, 800 thousand dollars for the melodrama that bore her name, according to what the El Salario newspaper explained.

This 2022, the Mexican chain opted to continue recovering after the coronavirus pandemic, with series such as Amor Divided and The Last King, which became true successes.

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