How much money does Mexican actress Danna Paola earn?

How much money does Mexican actress Danna Paola earn?

Danna Paola
Danna Paola has had a great income for her participation in La Academia de Tv Azteca | Media and Media / Getty Images

Danna Paola is one of the most successful Mexican artists of the moment. Talented and tireless worker, the actress and singer began her career at a very young age, just four years old.

Her first leap to fame was in 1994 when she played Lupita Lerma in the children’s telenovela Rayito de Luz. Meanwhile, her first foray into music was at the age of six when she released her debut album “My Blue Globe”. In its early days, Danna was rated by Broadway as a “Latino Pride” for her voice. From then until now, the former protagonist of “Elite” has not stopped adding successes and accumulating a fortune of money.

It is not known for sure how much money the 25-year-old artist currently has, although she is a millionaire. Some portals like Stars Offline indicate that her fortune is valued at 4.8 million dollars, although others like La Letra De claim that the net worth is 9 million dollars.

The views of her video clips on YouTube are a great source of income for Danna Paola who has hits like “Bad Fame”. It is estimated that in the last year it has generated profits of 350 thousand dollars.

Much was said about the large sum of money that the artist received for participating in the TV Azteca reality show after her successful stint on the Spanish series Elte. Mexican media, such as the 24 Horas newspaper, indicated that the singer agreed to a payment of $ 170,000 per episode.

In addition, she also managed to make the production of the program pay for her expenses in wardrobe, makeup, and everything necessary for her to be comfortable during the recording.

Apparently not only is she good artistically, but Danna is also a true businesswoman.

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