How much money does Rosalía earn on Spotify?

How much money does Rosalía earn on Spotify?

Rosalía is undoubtedly one of the artists of the moment. The Spanish singer not only managed to be a success in her country, but she also transcended borders and is now all the rage in Latin America. She is currently revolutionizing Mexico with her stay as part of the “Motomami Tour”.

The interpreter of hits like “Despecha”; “La Noche de Anoche” and “Malamente” have made fortunes from her music and currently have a net worth of $49 million, according to the site Celebrity Net Worth. That huge amount of money she achieved with live concerts; a very good marketing strategy in social networks and of course with the reproductions of her songs on the Internet.

One of the platforms where he gets the most money is Spotify, where he has more than 31 million monthly listeners. There, per month he obtains an approximate of 100.81 thousand dollars according to figures from the Royalies Calculator site; while per year he would be receiving more than 1.21 million dollars according to data from the same portal.

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