How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license? | Motorcycles

How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license? | Motorcycles

The DGT requires different permits depending on the type of motorcycle you want to drive, but the category of the license and the procedures required to obtain it also depend on the driver’s age and their years of experience.

If you are passionate about motorcycles and you intend to acquire one or you simply think of it as a practical personal vehicle To travel daily, the first step to take will be to know the legislation on how to obtain the driving license necessary.

Types of motorcycle license

In Spain there are four different permits: AM, A1, A2 and A. The first to be accessed at the age of 15 years is he A.M, that authorizes the handling of mopeds up to 50cc with two or three wheels and also light quadricycles (weighing less than 350 kilos). In addition, with the modification of the regulations introduced in 2016, AM card holders will also be able to transport a passenger in the vehicle.

The procedures necessary to obtain the AM permit first go through a psycho-technical test, after which the applicant examines himself a specific agenda for motorcycle. If he passes it, he goes on to another practical test in a closed circuit, where he must demonstrate his mastery of the moped driving in a straight line along a lane of a certain width and later doing a slalom marked on the track.

To obtain this permit it is not necessary to go through the driving school, but it does not hurt to receive some practical classes, Especially if you do not have much previous experience, to be able to familiarize yourself with the moped and with the practical exam tests that will have to be passed.

125cc motorcycles

The next level in the motorcycle license ladder is the A1, a permit that enables its holder to drive, in addition to the vehicles allowed in the MA, the motorcycles with or without a 125cc sidecar, but with a power limited to 15 hp maximum.

The A1 requires having 16 years and, as in AM, first requires passing a psycho-technical test of aptitude. But later we will have to do the theoric exam general of the highway code, the common one for motorcycle and car licenses, plus another specific for drive motorcycles. Once passed, it will be necessary to demonstrate mastery of the motorcycle in a practical exam of two phases: one in a closed circuit with balance and speed tests plus another one for circulation that takes place on public roads.

In addition, drivers who already have a B car license older than three years will be able to drive all the vehicles authorized by the A1 without having to go through any formalities.

The cheapest scooters for a car license

‘Limited’ bikes and ‘large’ bikes

To drive more powerful motorcycles it is required to have the A2 card, which requires having reached the age of 18. With this permit you can drive motorcycles that have a power up to 47.2 CV regardless of its displacement and, although there are specific motorcycles to adapt to this regulation, there are others in which you can limit its potency to adapt their use to the A2 card, and that they can recover their original power when required.

To obtain the A2 card, follow the same steps as with the A1 (psychotechnical, general theory, motorcycle specific theory and practical exam), Unless the general theory has already been passed for having A1 or B, in which case it is validated. The big difference lies in the practical test because, as it is a larger and more demanding type of motorcycle, it requires a different test.

Finally, if you want to drive any type of motorcycle, no matter how powerful it may be, you will have to wait to have 20 years, which is the minimum age required to be able to process the necessary permission A. But, yes, it can not be obtained if you do not have at least two years of experience with the A2 card for motorcycles limited. And if these circumstances are met, the only requirements to process it are to take a theoretical-practical course of nine hours and pass the psychotechnical test again.

The prices to obtain the motorcycle license vary depending on the type of license and, in the best of cases, they go from 120 euros for the most basic AM to 500 for A2, the most expensive. But the figure depends on the number of practical classes in the motorcycle school that each one needs, and that can make the process significantly more expensive.

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