How old is a Montessori floor bed?

How old is a Montessori floor bed?

If you have ever researched the layouts and rooms for children, you certainly know that Maria Montessori advocated the use of floor beds. You may even be tempted to install one instead of the traditional crib. But is it suitable for babies from birth? From what age can a Montessori floor bed be installed? ? If you are keen to apply the principles of this pedagogy in the education of your child, it is important to know that the floor bed is rather unsuitable for very young infants. On the other hand, it can be quite suitable for babies who are able to move on their own and this can even promote their development. Follow our explanations to find out how to choose and when to install a montessori floor bed.

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Not installing a Montessori floor bed from birth

During the first months and weeks of your baby’s life, the use of a Montessori bed is not recommended. As long as your infant is unable to roll over on their ownthis presents a risk from the point of view of his safety, since he may fall off the mattress and find himself unable to resume a correct position to breathe.

Moreover, Maria Montessori herself advocated the use of co-sleeping for very young babies. According to her, in addition to the security aspect, this offers a closeness with the parents which allows the child to feel reassured. Falling asleep and emotional development would thus be facilitated.

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Use a Montessori floor bed with a topponcino from 4 months

After 3 months, your baby’s psychomotor development takes a boost. Between 4 and 8 months, he holds his head better and better and manages to turn over on his own. So now is the right time to use a Montessori floor bed. No need to add a box spring at this time. From 4 months you can install a mattress directly on the floor taking care to place a protection and a carpet to protect it from dirt and possible moisture problems.

To limit the risks associated with baby’s movements, promote his comfort and well-being, you can pair the floor bed with a Montessori topponcino, a kind of very soft mattress for babies under 9 months. Find all the information related to the advantages of Montessori topponcino in a dedicated article.

Choosing the Right Mattress for a Montessori Floor Bed

So that your baby or toddler can move freely according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy, opt for a mattress that is long enough and not too narrow. The ideal dimensions are around 70 x 140 cm. Pay attention to the thickness of the mattress. If it is too high, it can endanger your child. Opt for a model of 15 cm in height at most.

To best install your baby, avoid blankets and pillows, useless before 2 years. Prefer sleeping bags that keep them warm while leaving some mobility for the arms and legs.

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At the time of purchase, avoid synthetic fillings which can cause excessive sweating, especially since the nights of toddlers are much longer than those of adults. For a practical matter, use a removable model or a mattress pad.

Finally, concerning the structure of the mattress, do not give in to the trend of shape memory models. If they seem comfortable a priori, they provide very little or no support, which is unsuitable for children. Likewise, excessively firm linings and excessively loud springs are also to be avoided.

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Install a Montessori floor bed or a cabin bed?

The name “Montessori” not being protected, you can see on the shelves all kinds of floor beds stamped with this name. This is how the fashion for cabin beds was born a few years ago. If they are inspired by Montessori pedagogyit does not always correspond to the material described by Maria Montessori.

The principle is identical to the beds with the original floors except that a wooden structure reminiscent of the skeleton of a cabin is added above the bed. This gives a cozy impression and above all adds a decorative aspect much appreciated by parents and children alike. Be careful however, some have nothing to do with Montessori pedagogy and have feet, or even storage under the bed base. We can no longer speak of a bed on the floor.

If the cabin bed appeals to you and you want to respect the principles of Montessori pedagogy, choose a sober design and natural materials. Pay close attention to the paints used if the wood is stained.

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Adding a Half-Fence on a Montessori Floor Bed

To reassure parents and prevent the risk of falls, some brands offer models of floor beds and cabin beds with half-barriers. They have the advantage of protecting the child from rolling during sleep while leaving an opening for him to move independently if necessary. This can be a good compromise if you want to opt for a Montessori-style floor bed, but are worried about your child’s safety. In addition, nothing prevents you from uninstalling the barriers later when your toddler has grown up.

If, on the contrary, you opt for a completely open bed, there is also the possibility of positioning a barrier at the entrance to the bedroom. The door can then remain ajar while limiting the risk of nocturnal escapades outside the room.

Is there an age limit for Montessori floor beds?

In Japan in particular, many adults have the habit of sleeping on the ground on futons. We can therefore say that there is no no age limit for this kind of bed. On the other hand, from about 2 years old when the child gains autonomy, theadding a box spring under the mattress can be beneficial for support. As long as the set is adapted to the size and build of the user, there is therefore no problem a priori. However, Montessori beds are generally intended for children and the choice of dimensions can sometimes be limited. Therefore, it will certainly be the desire to have a large “adult” bed that will make your child want to abandon his bed on the Montessori floor!

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