How does the bread diet work?

Cómo funciona la dieta del pan

In many diets, the common is to exclude the consumption of bread because it is a source of carbohydrates. However, this food also provides benefits to our bodies. That is why we come to doubt Is it possible to include bread in our diet to lose weight? Here we tell you.

What is the bread diet?

It is not actually a diet per se. It is not about eating bread at certain times. The bread diet actually is the inclusion of this product in different diets. Its consumption has several points in favor.

First, it is a rich source of carbohydrates and glucose. These elements are necessary for the body to have the necessary energy for its proper functioning. The stigma is that it favors weight gain.

However, its moderate consumption in certain meals, such as breakfast, provides what is necessary to maintain satiety, especially if it is integral products.

How does it work?

There are those who consider that bread should be excluded from any diet because it favors fluid retention, as mentioned by Dr. Gómez Guillamón for the 20-minute portal.

However, as the specialist clarifies, bread is not only rich in carbohydrates, it also contains glucose and other nutrients.

When you stop consuming bread, the body’s water reservoirs are emptied. The effect is that it is possible to lose weight, but what is not lost or burned is fat, which is responsible for obesity.

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In this sense, Yes, it is possible to lose weight by stopping eating bread, but this could be recovered immediately after finishing the diet, and all because of the elements that cause it are consumed again.

Therefore, this delicious food should not be excluded from diets, it should only be consumed in moderation. However, there are several factors to take into account, such as gluten. For this, it is best to go to a nutritionist to know what type of diet is the best according to the needs of each person.

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