how the Derbez celebrated the sixth birthday of little Aitana

Así celebraron los Derbez el sexto cumpleaños de la pequeña Aitana

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo shared emotional moments on their networks with their beloved daughter

On the 4th of August 2014, Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo shared with the world what would be one of the most important news of their lives, the birth of his daughter Aitana.

Despite his young age, the little one already wastes the talent that his famous parents have inherited from him. Proving to us that brought out her mother’s singing abilityWell, just a few weeks ago we could see her with her brother Vadhir playing a song together. Now after having fulfilled six wonderful years of life, her parents celebrate with tender tributes on Instagram.

how the Derbez celebrated the sixth birthday of little Aitana

“6 years ago the missing puzzle piece arrived. Happy birthday to my princess Aitana ”, wrote the actor with a cute moving video that compiles several moments with his daughter.

For his part, the singer also published a video in honor of her daughter and dedicated a few words to the little girl: “Happy Birthday to who for me is the most beautiful girlto this planet. May your path always be blessed and illuminated. May your beautiful voice and song, which we enjoy every day at the home, sound and vibrate high. May your strength and courageous spirit and adventurer take you away. May your heart fill with love everything it touches. May your light shine forever. May your character and determination lead you to achieve any goal that you propose. May your gaze always reflect the beauty of your soul. That you smile every day of your life and that dad and mom have the privilege of accompanying you for many more years. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY SOUL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AITANA! ”Wrote Alessandra.

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We have no doubt that Aitana will grow up surrounded by love and pampering because his parents always show us what in love with his daughter.

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