How to activate automatic answering of calls on iPhone?

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We were asked a question on Twitter recently about the presence of an option on iOS to automatically pick up a call without user action on the screen. Such functionality can indeed be very practical for a person with a physical disability for example, but not only. One can also imagine the user wanting to pick up without touching the screen while driving a car. Still, iOS does indeed include such a setting. Here’s how to take advantage of this automatic answer call function, on iPhone and iPad:

  • To surrender Settings > Accessibility > Touch
  • Go down the page until you find “Outgoing calls”
  • Tap on “Auto-reply”
  • Activate the switch and choose the waiting time that will elapse between an incoming call and automatic answering
How to activate automatic answering of calls on iPhone?


That’s it, once these two settings, switch and waiting time, configured, the iPhone will automatically pick up any incoming call after the specified time.

As a reminder, it is possible to force an audio output for incoming calls, loudspeaker for example, or a Bluetooth listening system. To do this, on the “Call output” page, simply choose “Bluetooth headset” for a Bluetooth system, or “Speakerphone” if you want all calls to automatically go out on the speakers. .

How to activate automatic answering of calls on iPhone?How to activate automatic answering of calls on iPhone?


To force no audio output, which is the default setting, leave it on “Automatic”. The iPhone then chooses automatically according to the audio device connected to it when the call is received.

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Thanks to the person who contacted us on Twitter about this. It is true that it is important to know all these accessibility settings, which are often very useful. They can also serve users with disabilities as well as those without disabilities.

Did you know about this automatic call pick-up option?

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