How to Add a Swipe Up Link in Instagram Story (2021)?

Adding a link to your Instagram story has recently become possible. This new tool has great potential to significantly increase your traffic and sales. Your customers will be able to visit your site in seconds. The fewer steps there are between your prospect and the purchase, the higher your conversion rate will be. This is why the link put in “swipe up” should ideally be that of a product sheet.

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Initially, like a lot of marketing tool, the “Swipe up” in story was reserved only for certified Instagram accounts. But recently all accounts with more than 10,000 followers can use it! This criterion remains very restrictive, few people can claim this number of subscribers. A new service allows you to take advantage of this option, the SupremeBoost site allows you to have 10,000 followers and thus benefit from the “Swipe up”.

Step 1: Create an Instagram story

create instagram story link

To create an Instagram story, there are 2 possibilities available to you: the first is to click on your icon or on the camera.

All you have to do is select a photo of your choice or a short video.

2nd step: add a url link to your story

add instagram stories link

To add your URL link to your story, simply select the icon at the top of your screen.

A window will then appear with a form allowing you to enter the link of your choice.

You will be able to verify that your story has a link when the link icon is highlighted.

This tool will explode your conversion rate.

Step 3: What subscribers see

instagram stories add link

People viewing your story will be able to navigate to the page of your choice by simply sliding their finger up. It is for this reason that the choice of this page is very important. It is essential to reduce as much as possible the stages separating your customer from the purchase.

Step 4: The landing page

buy supremeboost instagram followers

Ideally, the landing page should be that of the product sheet.

Do not hesitate to feed your story with stickers or geotags. The stickers can be useful to give more indications to your followers (for example the address of a store). Stickers can be personalized and allow the creation of hashtags that will bring out your originality and uniqueness.

You can also add drawings and texts to it. With these features you could create stories that grab attention and engage users to continue browsing.

Today, there is a whole economy in which brands must pay influencers, with marketing budgets allocated on an ad hoc basis but increasingly substantial. However, the nature of the collaboration is complicated to assess: for influencers, it’s not just about posting a post and receiving a check – all of this actually requires a lot of work, most of the time with no financial return. .

The fact that these budgets are now reserved for influencers is quite logical since in five years, according to Tribe Dynamics, 90% of brands have increased their “earned media budget”, that is to say their budget for an exposure on social networks, blogs or in online reviews and comments.

While the price of an advertisement in English Vogue is negotiating at least 28,000 pounds (22,500 euros), an influencer followed by more than a million subscribers – with a quantifiable return on investment and mobilized fans – invoices about 15,000 dollars (12,000 euros) the post on Instagram. It also makes it possible to address the “next generation”, these young people who draw their inspiration from their phones rather than by carefully reading magazines.


“All brands are doing it in a natural way: they study their marketing budgets and see what young people are turning to,” explains Pernille Teisbaek, co-founder of the influencer marketing agency Social Zoo, which deals with ‘influencers like Emili Sindlev and Jeanette Friis Madsen.

Many of these brands, which are no longer recording satisfactory returns on investment with traditional advertising, are therefore embarking on influencer marketing to try to increase their value in the eyes of Internet users. But as the power of influencers increases, it becomes difficult not to pay them.

According to Teisbaek, even the biggest European brands, like Chanel, “are starting to pay influencers. They believe that it is important to compensate the people who work with them ”. Brands, which could count on their prestige to set up collaborations, can no longer simply offer gifts and travel. “A brand that gives me a bag isn’t going to compensate for all the creative work I do for it,” says stylist and consultant Leaf Greener. Now, we know that Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci also pay influencers.

Staging the gifts

However, not all interactions between a brand and an influencer are rewarded. “Luxury brands try to find a balance between remuneration and free services, such as attending an event,” explains influencer Doina Ciobanu. They pay from time to time for a purely business collaboration, but they also expect you to attend dinner parties, fashion shows, or stage their gifts. “

According to a study by Tribe Dynamics, among the brands that have the best exposure on social networks, all have sent their products to influencers, three quarters have invited them to events, half to trips. The rule is that commercial collaborations are negotiated with a budget while travel, fashion shows and dinners are part of the simple business relationships between brands and influencers. “You can’t say that every time an influencer and a brand work together it’s about money, but if it’s a real formal project, then yes there will be some form of financial compensation ”, summarizes Max Stein, CEO of Brigade, a management agency for creative people.

Free micro-influencers

The difficulty ? Find the right balance. “Of course it is about money, specifies Jennifer Powell, founder of an eponymous agency which represents influencers. But the talents I work with need to do things for free on a daily basis to maintain the integrity of their online approach. “

Micro-influencers, whose fans on Instagram number in the thousands and not in the millions, work mostly for free. The fact that the prestige of the brand emphasizes their own profile and their standing seems sufficient. However, when these influencers reach a certain threshold – large number of fans, good virality – paid collaborations begin.

Either way, the key to success remains authenticity, and everyone agrees that long-term relationships are crucial. “There aren’t more than ten brands that I really like and have worked with for several years,” Heilbrunner explains. Indeed, high-end brands regularly call on a cohort of influencers for small or large-scale collaborations. “I’m only looking for long-term relationships where I totally embrace the brand,” says Danielle Bernstein, one of Powell’s clients who has 1.7 million Instagram followers. A single post on a subject is a thing of the past. “

When an influencer and a brand share the same aesthetic, the fact of collaborating on several projects confers a form of authenticity in the eyes of clients. The relationship seems more sincere when one in five interactions are paid and the other four – a few photos of a dinner or a trip organized by the brand – are simply the fruit of the influencer spontaneous infatuation with the Mark. But for Heilbrunner, even for these four interactions, “there would have to be some form of retribution.”

A third party company

If luxury brands pay, they tend to do so through a third-party company or through their licensed brand instead. Chanel, for example, has a fashion branch and a license for beauty products. A paid collaboration, whether it is an advertising campaign or a banner on a site, will rather come from the beauty part – a new perfume or makeup line – while the influencer will go in parallel for free to the brand’s parade during the fashion week, and will receive clothes and accessories to wear and showcase, without direct payment.

The big brands will only pay an influencer if he has already reached a certain level in his career, and in a targeted manner, depending on whether the common project is purely commercial or if it is a simple staging of his products. “But that’s not a good reason not to pay a little something,” Heilbrunner said. Likewise, Ciobanu says, “It’s the influencers’ responsibility to set their own rules. If we all insisted a bit, more and more brands would pay us ”.

Why can’t I put a link on my Instagram story?

To put a link on Instagram, you have two options, either put it in a story as we have seen previously, or integrate it directly into your Instagram bio.

The advantage of adding a link in a bio is that you can do so even if you don’t have 10,000 subscribers on your account. For the fact of adding a link in a story on the other hand, you will not be able to do it without having these 10k followers.

How to put a swipe up link in Insta story without having 10k subscribers?

If you can’t officially link to an Instagram story without having more than 10,000 subscribers on your account, there is an indirect trick that will allow you to redirect Internet users to your website thanks to the visibility of your stories.

This trick is to create an IGTV video that you can promote directly via a swipe up in story. In the description of this IGTV, it suffices to include the desired redirect link in order to allow Internet users to click on it and therefore to be redirected to your website or any other URL.

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