how to add an administrator?

how to add an administrator?

The administrator of a Facebook page is the person authorized to manage, modify or delete it. By default, the administrator is the person who creates the Facebook page. However, it is possible to add other administrators to share the management of a Facebook page by using the “Multi-administrator” feature offered by the social network.

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Why add a new Facebook Page admin?

When a Facebook user creates a page (for his company, for example), he is automatically considered by the platform as the administrator of this page. This status gives him the possibility to manage the publications of the page, to modify its main information, but also to delete it and to define all the rules of interaction (comments, sending of private messages, etc.).

However, there are many cases in which it is necessary to share the work of creating and/or publishing content on Facebook. Several members of the same team or the same company may be called upon to intervene in the management space of the page. You must then use the “Multi-administrator” function. The latter has recently been accessible via the Meta Business suite (successor to Facebook Business Manager) developed by Facebook for professionals and content creators. social media.

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Similarly, more and more companies and brands are entrusting the management of their professional page or their sponsored campaigns on Facebook to a community or social media management service provider. This outsourcing involves defining access rights for all persons likely to be involved in the creation or sharing of publications. Adding a new Facebook page admin will solve this problem.

How do I add a new Facebook Page admin?

The simplest and most obvious approach to adding a new administrator to a Facebook page is now to use Meta Business Suite, the back-office solution developed by Facebook to allow all page owners to professionalize their content creation.

To do this, nothing could be easier: you must first go to the Facebook page in question. On the left column of the Facebook Page interface is a section called “Manage Page”. Below, the name of the Facebook page and its profile picture are displayed. Just below these 3 elements, a “Meta Business Suite” section has been added.

Manage Page - Facebook

By clicking on “Meta Business Suite”, the owner of the Facebook page accesses a very complete management interface, providing him with an overview of his publications, his notifications, his calendar or his current advertisements. If an Instagram account is linked to his Facebook page, he can also access all the recent information that concerns him.

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Add a Facebook administrator from Meta Business Suite

To add a new Facebook administrator from Meta Business Suite, you must first select the Facebook page concerned by the addition of a new administrator. This operation concerns users who administer several accounts. Moreover, this section of the tool differentiates business accounts from other Facebook pages.

Then, at the bottom of the left column, click on “Settings”.

Click on settings to add a Facebook administrator

The interface for setting the parameters of the Facebook page is then displayed. By clicking on “People”, it is possible to view all the people with access and modification rights on the Business account.

Click on people

To add new people to the Facebook page management space (in particular an administrator), click on the “Add people” button, to the right of the search bar. A window titled “Invite People” will then appear.

From this window, to integrate a new person, you must enter their e-mail address in the information bar, then assign them a professional role: either “Employee” access or “Admin” access. Since the arrival of the Meta Business suite, it is also possible to assign a “Business” type role to a new person added and to associate it with the following functions: developer, publisher or financial analyst. To access these role levels, the Facebook Page owner must click “Show advanced options” and then select the role they want to assign to a new person.

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Invite people

To integrate a new administrator, whatever his role in the company and in the management of the Facebook professional page, you must activate the button next to the “Admin access” box, then click on the blue “Next” button.

Click on admin access to add a Facebook administrator

The last window that appears in the process of adding a new manager allows you to define the accesses authorized by the current administrator to the new administrators, as well as the elements concerned by each of these authorizations. To define a partial authorization of access to the Facebook page or to authorize the new administrator to take full control of the page, you must use the buttons in the form of cursors present in the right column.

Access manager to add a Facebook administrator

Finally, click on the blue “Send an invitation” button. The person invited to join the Facebook page as an administrator (or employee) then receives an alert by e-mail.

For the current admin and people joining the admin list, all invitations are visible in the general dashboard in the “People” section, in the Business account settings.

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