How to add your vaccination pass in Wallet (Apple Cards)

Main qui tient iPhone avec Apple Wallet et code QR de vaccination

The 15.4 update for iOS and iPadOS released in the first quarter of 2022 brought a good batch of new features for iPhone and iPad. Among them, there is the support, natively, by Apple Wallet and Health of vaccination certificates. The vaccination pass, or in any case the European vaccination certificate against COVID-19 is supported. Here is the manipulation to add it to Apple Wallet (Apple Cards in French).

1. Retrieve the QR code corresponding to his vaccination certificate, on paper, PDF or image file

To save your vaccination certificate in Wallet, you need a QR code. The latter is visible on the paper form returned by the person who injected you with the vaccine. If you no longer have the latter, don’t panic. We have described here the steps to find your vaccination certificate in PDF format, with QR code, paragraph 4.1. It’s about getting to Ameli health insurance website.

For the coronavirus, if you have the TousAntiCovid application and if the latter already contains your vaccination pass, the procedure is simple to retrieve the QR code. All you have to do is open your vaccination certificate and make Share > Confirm > Save Image.

Retrieve vaccine QR code in TousAntiCovid


2. Scan the QR code

If you have the QR code on free paper with you:

  • Scan it with the app Camera from your iPhone, without even taking a photo
  • Tap on the floating title appearing under the QR code named “COVID-19 Vaccination”
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If you have the QR code in digital, PDF file or image for example:

  • If the QR code file isn’t on iPhone, transfer it to iPhone, such as iCloud and the Files app
  • Open the file on your iPhone
  • Long press on the QR code
  • Tap on the floating title appearing under the QR code named “COVID-19 Vaccination”

If the title does not appear, take a screenshot when the QR code is visible on the screen, then open the capture from your photo library, still on iPhone, then retry the long press on the QR code.

Alternative: open the file on your computer directly and use your iPhone’s camera to scan it

iPhone camera aiming at MacBook screen with QR codeiPhone camera aiming at MacBook screen with QR code


3. Registering in the Health app

  • The following screen normally appears:
How to add your vaccination pass in Wallet (Apple Cards)How to add your vaccination pass in Wallet (Apple Cards)


  • Validate the operation by pressing “Add to Cards and Health”

You can now find your vaccination certificate in the Health app (at the bottom of the “Browse” section).

4. Add the certificate to Apple Wallet (Apple Cards)

  • Open your vaccination certificate in Health
  • Tap on “Show in Maps”
  • Validate by pressing “OK”
Vaccine certificate in Apple HealthVaccine certificate in Apple Health


There you go, your vaccination certificate is now clearly visible in the Apple Maps application. To display it in large and full brightness, just touch it with your fingertip.

Vaccine certificate in Apple CardsVaccine certificate in Apple Cards


You can also remove it from the Wallet app using the three small dots at the top right and the “Delete card” option.

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