how to advertise on Snapchat?

how to advertise on Snapchat?

With more than 249 million users worldwide, including 13.2 million in France, it is obvious that Snapchat is not a social network to ignore. Especially since its audience seems to be particularly oriented towards e-commerce. On this subject, Snapchat claims that 76% of users regularly shop online. This is a real boon for brands who want to increase sales from their e-stores.

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What is Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat Ads is the advertising management system of the ghost social network, Snapchat. It allows you to configure several types of advertising on the network:

  • The “Snapchat Video Ads”.
  • The “Ads Collection”.
  • The “Story ads”.
  • The “Lenses”.
  • Filters.

“Snapchat Video Ads” consists of a vertical image or video and a call to action. They have a display duration of 3 to 10 seconds and appear in the stories of the “Discover” tab when the user scrolls through the content.

The “Ads Collection” consists of a carousel of images or videos. They are useful to facilitate the purchase of the various products of an e-commerce store. This type of ad appears between viewing two stories.

“Story Ads” are stories that are added to those in the “Discovery” section. But unlike “Snapchat Ads”, they are not displayed automatically and the user must click to view them.

The “Lenses” or lens in French, appear in the filters when a user is creating a story. They allow to obtain an effect of distorted reality. For example, it is possible to transform a human face into that of an animal.

Filters can also be the subject of a campaign. They can be geolocated to promote a local business, a city or an event.

The interest of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat represents today an essential opportunity for brands. Indeed, the application created in 2011 continues to increase its popularity. Very popular with young people, 60% of users in France are between 18 and 34 years old.

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But the promise of visibility is not the only benefit of using Snapchat: the financial cost of ads can be relatively low compared to that of Facebook Ads. Especially since the formats offered by Snapchat allow better integration of advertisements within free content. The return on investment is therefore more interesting than that of Facebook Ads.

How to create a Snapchat ad?

The following procedure is valid for creating “Snapchat Video Ads”, “Collection Ads” and “Story ads” type advertisements.

Subscribe to Snapchat Ads Manager

The creation of a Snapchat advertising account is done via the Snapchat Ads Manager platform. Registration is free and fast.

Installing the Pixel SnapChat

The Snapchat Pixel is a piece of code to place on a website. It tracks the effectiveness of advertisements and measures the visits and sales generated. It is essential to install the pixel before using Snapchat Ads.

The pixel is retrieved from Snapchat Ads Manager once the advertising account is created. At the top left of the screen, select “Snap Pixel” then “Sep Up pixel”.

Once copied, you will need to insert the pixel in the “head” part of the website’s source code. There are plug-ins that make this task easier for some CMS:

Creation of the campaign and choice of format

To create an advertising campaign, Snapchat Ads offers two options:

  • “Instant Created” which lets the platform apply an automatic configuration;
  • “Advance Created” which allows you to apply precise settings to the campaign.

For more efficiency, it is recommended to select the “Advance Created” option.

You must then select the type of advertisement to create. For this, Snapchat offers different formats:

  • the “Collection Ads” format which allows a series of products to be presented in the form of thumbnails and the “Product Ads” format which allows a single product to be presented. Both meet e-commerce sales objectives;
  • filters and “Lenses” (augmented reality) which allow you to personalize Snapchateurs’ stories. The filters are activated according to their geolocation and are suitable for local businesses (shops, bars, restaurants). These formats make it possible to meet a commitment objective.
  • the immersive “Story Ads” format which is broadcast within Snapchat Discover and the “Commercial” format which allows a 6-second video to be presented. Both make it possible to meet an objective of notoriety.
  • the “Snapchat Ads video” format which is displayed between the viewing of two stories and which allows a video of 3 to 5 seconds to be presented. This versatile format is accompanied by a call to action and can meet various communication objectives (engagement, reputation or e-commerce).
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Finally, the platform proposes to define the campaign broadcasting period by selecting specific dates. Snapchat imposes a validation period that can extend up to 24 hours.

Display and audience settings

The display setting allows you to choose the locations where the advertisement will appear on the platform. It is recommended to leave the automatic option pre-checked. This will allow Snapchat to identify the most effective placements to optimize the display of advertising.

Regarding the audience, the platform allows to target Snapchateurs according to several criteria:

  • Their geolocation.
  • Their age.
  • Their kind.
  • Their areas of interest.
  • The spoken language.
  • The operation used (ISO, Android or both).
  • The type of internet connection used (wifi, network).

If the goal of the campaign is to generate e-commerce sales, it is best to set up a target that is at least 20 years old to be sure that the Snapchateurs who will receive the ad are in possession of. a credit card to make the purchase.

Budget definition

The platform gives the choice between two expenditure systems: a daily budget or a global budget over a defined period. The minimum daily budget required on Snapchat Ads is € 5.

The budget is set according to the means and objectives of the brand. The Snapchat Ads platform indicates display forecasts and the number of “swipups” (swiped upwards that allow access to the attached website) that the advertisement will obtain according to the selected budget.

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Compared to Facebook Ads, the strength of Snapchat Ads is that it is possible to reach a large audience with a smaller budget. However, it is important to note that a large budget does not necessarily guarantee the success of a campaign. Ad content and audience targeting must also be relevant.

Define the campaign objective

The goal of the campaign is for Snapchat to understand how to better target the audience. It may be related to e-commerce sales, installing an application, getting views on a video. Thus, several objectives are available:

  • Objective of notoriety.
  • Engagement goal.
  • E-commerce sales objective.

As seen previously, the format of the advertisement should be chosen according to the objective of the campaign. Some formats are more ready to create engagement (filters and lenses) while others are more useful for e-commerce (the “Collection Ads” and “Product Ads”) and others even more relevant for notoriety (the “Story Ads” format and the “Commercial” format).

Advertising design and publication

For the creation of the advertising design, Snapchat requires the addition of a medium. Please note that the file must not exceed 32 MB.

The platform then asks to configure several elements:

  • The call to action by setting the link from the landing page to the advertisement.
  • The catchphrase that will appear under the logo at the top right of the story.

Finally, the last step of the process consists of checking all the settings before validating the campaign. As a reminder, Snapchat can take up to 24 hours to verify that the campaign does not violate the rules for using the platform.

This article has just presented the procedure for creating an advertising campaign via Snapchat Ads. Regarding the creation of a lens or a filter, it will be necessary to follow another procedure. To go further, learn about social media tactics and examples of brands across industries on how they have used specific strategies in the 2021 Social Media Trends Report.

Social Media Trends Report 2021

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