How to appear in it or limit its appearance?

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Instagram recently rolled out a novelty called “suggested posts” to improve the retention time of its audience on the application in order, of course, to be able to indirectly improve its advertising revenue through more opportunities to show a user X of sponsored posts and stories. Here is everything you need to know about this novelty. How, as a brand or community manager, you can try to position yourself for free in this new organic visibility insert and how, as an Instagram user, you can minimize the appearance of this feature that can be quite intrusive and annoying for some in the news feed.

Reminder: suggested posts on Instagram: what is it?

If you haven’t been surfing Instagram too much lately and waking up while on vacation (we won’t blame you), you might not have heard of “Suggested posts” on Instagram.

Preview of the display of Instagram suggested posts on the News Feed in dark mode

So, in concrete terms, the suggested publications are:

  • Of Instagram posts from accounts you don’t follow, suggested to you (amazing), when you have finished scrolling your newsfeed and you reach the message ” You are up to date“.

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Suggested posts on Instagram: how does it work? What concrete display criteria?

When you go to your News Feed and you have finished viewing all of the latest unseen posts, the “Suggested Posts” section will display Instagram recommended posts for you.

At this stage, as a brand or community manager, you are probably saying to yourself ” how I can take advantage of this new way to boost the organic reach of my Instagram posts” , And you’re right !

The good news with this Instagram novelty is that the application will naturally boost the best publications related to a theme close to those liked by the user who will see them. Instagram will identify this concretely thanks to the accounts you follow and the posts you like.

The “bad news” is that if your posts don’t have a high engagement rate, a high dwell time and a high total number of engagements, you will have almost no chance of appearing naturally in this. new section “suggested publications” …

Logically, Instagram will therefore boost even more, the publications that are already doing well..

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You no longer want to see the posts suggested in your Insta feed and remove the option? Here are 2 tips to limit its appearance.

If you’re like the majority of French people, you don’t like change. So, I understand that this novelty may bother you.

So, I offer you 2 simple tips to avoid and limit as much as possible to see the publications suggested by Instagram appear on your feed:

  • Option 1 – Click on the 3 small horizontal (iPhone) or vertical (Android) dots on the suggested publications then click on ” Not interested) “: By doing this, you will show the Instagram algorithm that you don’t like its recommendations but unfortunately you cannot deactivate this option to date in the application’s settings… This action will also show him, on the publications that you don’t like, that you are not interested in this style of posts.
hide suggested posts Instagram
hide suggested posts Instagram
  • Option 2 – follow more accounts and hashtags that you really like, so you will be less likely to reach the end of your daily news feed and therefore the suggested Instagram posts.

You will understand, these two tips will allow you to limit the appearance without being able to block posts suggested by Instagram

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How to better control the posts suggested in the Instagram Explorer section and the search results?

If you also do not want to see the suggested posts in the “Explore” tab, you must also report this to Instagram using the same method as the one mentioned above:

  • by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right of the publications concerned.

Again, Instagram doesn’t allow you to turn this off from your account settings, so you can’t currently remove all Instagram Suggested Reels from your Explorer UI and Search UI, although for some it is, very annoying …

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