How to Archive or Unarchive an Instagram Photo or Video? (2022)

Instagram allows any account to archive any photo or video from their profile in order to make it invisible to the public but accessible to them only. Here’s how to archive and unarchive any image, photo, or video in your account.

Who has never deleted a photo or video from their Instagram account to do a little “cleaning” or simply because the old style no longer corresponded to what we now wanted to share? Instagram has understood this and offers you an alternative to permanent deletion: Instagram archive. Here is how it works in practice.

Understanding Instagram’s “Archive” functionality in 3 points:

  • You can not archive only one photo or video at a time (there is no otpion allowing “mass archiving”)
  • All archived Instagram photos and videos will be viewable by you only and always accessible in a private section on the Instagram application (section accessible from the profile by clicking on the clock icon that goes back in time). They will no longer be visible on your profile by you or by a curious person.
  • You can archive as many photos or videos as you want, there are no limits

How does archiving a photo or video on Instagram work?

Instagram photo video archive

For archive a photo or video shared on their Instagram account personal or business, here is the very simple procedure to follow:

  • 1- Go to the iOS or Android Instagram application then go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom right of the screen
  • 2- Click on any photo or video that you would like to hide publicly from your account but keep in memory in your ” Instagram archives
  • 3- Once on the publication, click on the 3 small dots aligned horizontally and located at the top right of your publication, to the right of your profile picture and your username
  • 4- Then click on ” Archive »(Be careful, Instagram will not ask you to confirm the action, the image or video will be automatically added to your personal archive)
  • 5- You can view all your images and videos archived in your Instagram archive by simply clicking on the dedicated icon (in the form of a pendulum that goes back in time) at the top right of your profile

How to recover an archived photo on Instagram?

All archived photos and videos can be re-activated.

It is therefore possible to retrieve them and re-display them in your Instagram feed quite simply by going to the list of media archived on your account.

How to make an archived photo or video reappear on my Instagram profile (unarchive)?

show photo instagram archive

You have archived a photo or video by mishandling and want to find it and put it back in your account?

Do not worry, archiving an Instagram photo or video is not irreversible.

It is very simply possible to remove a photo or video from Instagram archive to appear again on their profile in the same location as before.

For unarchive an Instagram photo, just follow this simple procedure:

  • 1- Go to the Instagram application and to your profile
  • 2- Click on the clock-shaped icon that goes back in time (icon located to the right of your account name, just above your number of subscriptions)
  • 3- At this stage, you will arrive on your archived Stories. To find your archived publications (photos and videos), you will need to click on the title ” Archives “Then select” Publications“. If you do not do this, you will not find your archived photos and videos.
  • 4- Then click on any photo or video to remove from Instagram archive
  • 5- Click on the 3 small dots aligned horizontally to the right of your profile name (at the top of the photo / video)
  • 6- Finally click on ” Show on profile“, Your photo or video will be automatically removed from the archive and will appear again on your profile in its original location

Why archive photos, reels or videos?

You may have several reasons for wanting to archive photos, videos or reals, but here are some good reasons to do so in a personal or professional context:

  • To clean up your news feed and make it cleaner without losing old shared videos and photos
  • To keep private some photos and videos that were public in the past
  • To make the feed more consistent with a new brand image
  • To limit the scroll on the feed and thus keep only the latest qualitative publications
  • To hide all old photos and videos posted that had low likes at the start of your account

What is the Instagram archive?

You can archive a post you’ve shared to hide it from your profile and prevent your followers and others on Instagram from seeing it.

When you archive a post, it keeps all of its likes and comments, but is simply hidden from all your followers and any other account.

Only you remain the master on board and can decide to reactivate archived publications at any time.

If you would like to learn other tips on using Instagram, do not hesitate to consult our articles dedicated to tips from the pros for Instagram stories.

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