How to avoid a relationship crisis due to the coronavirus?

¿Cómo evitar una crisis de pareja por culpa del coronavirus?

The pandemic of coronavirus it doesn’t just wreak havoc on health. During these days we have read news of how this will affect in all senses, from the economic and even, to our social life.

Believe it or not, the coronavirus has transformed the way we relate to others, including our partner, which can trigger two options: That our relationship is strengthened or it enters a deep crisis that leads to its breakdown.

To show this terrible scenario we have what happened in China, that after living extremely complicated days due to the number of infections and deaths caused by the coronavirus, adding the issue of quarantine and isolation, there was an increase in filing for divorces.

“This situation (of the coronavirus pandemic) generates a lot of anxiety, since each person reacts differently to uncertainty,” explained psychologist Mauricio Strugo in an interview for the Argentine newspaper Clarion.

“Couples having the resources to deal with difficult situations can help them reach an agreement and hold each other down. The issue is that each person, individually, finds it difficult to know well what to do, which makes it even more difficult to agree on how to proceed together with the couple, “he added.

The specialist assures that fear can be the main trigger for a couple separation to take place at this time, which is why he suggests that if one of the two is more prone to panic, the other should be the rational part to do so be able to have an action plan in the event of a quarantine decreed, which would lead us to live together 24 hours for several days.

“Of course, in these situations, differences will appear as they normally appear, but in this stressful situation, discussions may be generated that escalate a little more. In these cases, you have to return to patience and try to find an agreement, ”says Strugo.

Tips to avoid entering into a relationship crisis during the coronavirus

1) That each one recognize the emotions that the coronavirus crisis is generating.

2) Avoid exposing yourself to theories or catatrophic information, without validity, which will help them not to suggest themselves and therefore, will not increase the level of alert that could lead to differences between the couple.

3) Focus on the present to go step by step, solving day-to-day difficulties.

4) Avoid falling into dramas. This is accomplished by not focusing on negative thoughts.

5) Take advantage of this time to do all those things that you always wanted to do together, like cooking, reading or catching up on a series.


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