how to block a contact and prevent them from reaching you?

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iPhone can protect itself from repeated or annoying calls and messages from certain people you don’t want to hear about. To do this, simply put them on the blacklist. In our special “iPhone tutorial” series, we will immediately discover that there are several ways to do this.

Block someone in their contact list

Let’s say you want to block someone who is already in your contact list. The reasons can be multiple and blacklisting is probably a good solution in this case. Either way, the process is simple:

  • Meet in Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts
Block a blacklisted number


  • Choose “Add…”
  • Choose from your contacts
Block iOS contactBlock iOS contact


Now, if that person tries to reach you, they’ll automatically be forwarded to the answering machine without the iPhone turning on or ringing, whether it’s a regular call, a FaceTime call, or a text message.

To remove a contact from the blacklist, simply slide your finger over the contact in the list, from right to left, before confirming by pressing “Unblock”.

Unblock blacklist contactUnblock blacklist contact


Block a number after call

Second case: you want to add to your blacklist a person who has just called you. Telemarketers, canvassers and so on, there too, there should be regular cases in which to use this blacklist:

  • Launch the Phone app and go to the “Recents” tab
iOS Phone AppiOS Phone App


  • Press the blue ‘i’ on the right of the screen, on the corresponding number
  • Scroll down the screen that appears and press “block this correspondent”, before confirming the operation
Block contact blacklistBlock contact blacklist


There you go, here are some more that will be automatically redirected to the answering machine without disturbing you.

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To unblock this phone number, simply press “Unblock this correspondent” on the information sheet (“i” icon next to the phone number in the list of recent calls), or go to the list black in Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts and slide your finger over the contact in the list, from right to left, without forgetting to validate the procedure.

Block a number before it calls you

Apple has not foreseen this scenario. But of course, we’re not going to leave you like that. There is indeed a solution to block any number before it calls you even once.

This can be useful in certain situations, for example, if your telephone number has ended up in the hands of a person whose number we know, but to whom we would not like to speak.

Here is the handling:

  • In the Contacts application, add a new contact using the small “+”
iOS contact listiOS contact list


  • Name the contact “Blocked Numbers”, for example
  • Modify the file created and then add as many phone numbers as you want to block
iPhone Blocked NumbersiPhone Blocked Numbers


  • Validate by pressing “OK” at the top right
  • Finally, go to the settings to add this contact to the list of blocked contacts, as seen earlier in the article. Repeat the procedure as soon as you add a new number to this special contact, just to make sure that the new number is blacklisted
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As a bonus: the Bloctel and Orange Telephone service

Because two precautions are always better than one, do not hesitate to register on the free Bloctel platform offered by the government. This aims to protect your number against abusive telephone canvassing. Once a number is registered on Bloctel and its opposition list, it then becomes illegal to call this number for peddling.

Finally, if you are still not calm, try the application Orange Telephone, advised by Yves Mineraud in comments. This is provided by the Orange operator, but works for everyone, not just Orange customers.

It allows you to filter incoming calls and identify spam thanks to a database of thousands of numbers. This collection is growing day by day thanks to the community of users.

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