How to Capture Video on iPhone

Écran de capture vidéo sur iPhone avant lancement de l'enregistrement

The screen recording feature on iOS and iPadOS can be useful for creating tutorials, sharing a video game, or illustrating a manipulation. Its implementation is detailed below.

Step 1: Add video recording shortcut to control center

First of all, you have to go to the iOS settings to add the video screenshot shortcut to the control center. We have already talked here about the different possibilities available in the settings of iOS to manage the control center.

By going into Settings > Control Center, we can therefore manage the commands accessible from the control center, in particular in the page Customize commands. In terms of the shortcuts that can be added, let’s mention for example the energy saving mode, or the stopwatch or the dictaphone, and, suddenly, the command that will be useful for recording the screen, “Screen Recording”. To add the corresponding shortcut in the control center, simply:

  • Look for the mention “Screen Recording” in the list
  • Add it to the top list named “Include” by pressing the green +

That’s it. If all went well as expected, the screen capture function shortcut is now integrated into the control center.

Screen recording


Step 2: start video screenshot

To start recording the screen, you must first display the control center. Handling is different depending on your iPhone or iPad model and whether you have Face ID or Touch ID.

  • Device with Touch ID: swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • Device with Face ID: swipe from the top right corner to the bottom or center of the screen
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Then a single press of the capture button starts recording the video.

A few more settings

Pressing Force Touch or 3D Touch on the same button, however, gives access to some additional options:

  • Under “Screen recording” : you can choose the destination of the video resulting from the recording: “Photos” to find it in your camera roll or other applications such as Twitch or Skype and Zoom which can directly receive and process the capture
  • Microphone : you can also choose to include the sound of the microphone in the video capture or not, by pressing the “Microphone” icon
Screen recording optionsScreen recording options


The button then goes in red to warn that the video capture is imminent. During recording, a red icon remains visible on the top of the screen. It indicates that recording is in progress. Note that it is absent when recording the screen in landscape mode, which is useful for games in particular.

Step 3: Stop iPhone or iPad video recording

To stop recording, simply press the same button again in the control center. The video is saved to the camera roll or sent to the chosen app.

And There you go !

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