Apple iPhone how to change the default music app?

how to change the default music app?


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A few months ago, Appe introduced in iOS the ability to change the default email client as well as the default browser on iPhone and iPad. It was the sign of an opening towards third-party solutions, an opening which is confirmed by the provision of a new option of the same type for the music player.

In iOS 14.5, currently at the beta stage, it is possible to change the music playback app and replace Apple Music. This means that with a little manipulation, Siri can turn to Spotify or Deezer for example, instead of Apple Music, to start music, without the user having to specify the service he wants to use when. ‘he makes his request.

Here’s how to make the change.

How to change the default music player on my iPhone or iPad?

Some conditions

You need at least iOS 14.5 and of course an iOS device compatible with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later of one of the two systems. It is also necessary to download a third-party application compatible with changing the default music streaming service. For now, it seems to me that only Spotify and Deezer are compatible, in addition to Apple applications, including Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

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How to change the default music playback app

  • Ask Siri to play music on the streaming service you want to set as the default, such as Spotify. It goes: “Hey Siri, play Metallica on Spotify”
  • Siri then asks you to choose the corresponding app from a list of apps presented on the screen, choose the desired app, Spotify as part of this tutorial


  • There, Siri may ask for your permission to allow it to access the app’s data, answer “Yes”
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That’s it, now all Siri musical or “podcast” requests will be made on the chosen app, Spotify here. There is no longer any need to ask Siri to play such and such a music, such a playlist or such a program on Spotify, it suffices for example to say: “Read Metallica”. So if everything went well, Siri will automatically start playback on Spotify, or of course, the application you have chosen.

To switch back to another default music playback application, all you have to do is repeat the procedure by making a music playback request to Siri, specifying which application to use.

Note that at this stage of the first beta of iOS 14.5, the manipulation of app switching for music playback is not always well taken into account by iOS. Functionality still suffers from some bugs. But by the time the final version of iOS 14.5 is released, the issues should be gone.

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In addition, there are also no possible settings in the Settings app of the iPhone or iPad. The manipulation is done simply via Siri.

If you also want to change the default web browser, follow the guide. For the default mail client, see here how to change it.

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how to change the default music app?



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