how to change the default web browser?

changer navigateur défaut iOS

Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone, since version 14, but also iPadOS since version 14 as well, like macOS on Mac, allows you to choose the web browsing application that opens by default . That is to say, you can decide to use an application other than Safari for all the internet links you want to open on your iOS device, from any app.

Be careful though, this feature exclusive to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later only works with compatible third-party apps. The option is therefore not offered automatically for any web browsing application. It must be activated on the one hand by the developer of the app, on the other hand by Apple for the app in question.

How to change the default browser on your iPhone or iPad?

Some prerequisites

First of all, you need to have at least iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or later of one of the two systems. It is also necessary to have a third-party application compatible with the change of default browser. See here our list of apps that can replace Safari by default.

How to take advantage of this feature

  • Go to the app Settings iPhone or iPad
  • Find the application that will serve as the default browser, Firefox, for example
  • Touch the option “Default browser app”
How to Choose the Default Browser on iPhone and iPad


  • Choose “Chrome” instead of “Safari”
Chrome default browserChrome default browser


Now, every time you press an internet address from an app like Notes, Mail again from , the Google Chrome app takes over instead of Safari.

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Note that from the moment you have made the change, a window will appear to confirm the opening of Chrome, or another chosen third-party browser, each first time you open a web link from a new app. This manipulation will therefore normally have to be done only once per app, after which it should no longer appear.

change the default browser on iPhone and iPadchange the default browser on iPhone and iPad


Finally, to put Safari back in the default browser, just go back to Settings > Chrome > Default Browser App before selecting “Safari”.

choose the default browser on iPhone and iPadchoose the default browser on iPhone and iPad


The procedure is obviously the same for any other web browsing application compatible with this default app switching feature.

And if you also want to change the default email client, follow our dedicated tutorial.

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