how to change the size of app icons?

Taille icône iPadOS

Apple offers exclusive interface settings for its iPadOS tablets. Among these, there is one that allows you to choose between two sizes of app icons: “Small” or “Large”. To adjust this icon size, the procedure is very simple.

How to change the size of my app icons on iPadOS?

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the “Home screen and Dock” tab
  • Activate the option “Use large app icons” or not
IPadOS icon size setting


Here is what the activated “large icons” mode gives:

Large iPadOS icon size with widgetLarge iPadOS icon size with widget

Large iPadOS icons with widget ©

IPadOS icon size largeIPadOS icon size large

Large iPadOS icons without widget ©

And the “large icons” mode deactivated:

Small iPadOS icon size with widgetSmall iPadOS icon size with widget

Small iPadOS icons ©

IPadOS icon size smallIPadOS icon size small

Small iPadOS icons ©

Enough to customize the display of your iPad as you wish, depending on whether you have a lot of apps or not.

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