how to change the type of a bluetooth audio device?


In iOS 14, since update 14.4, the user can specify the type of any Bluetooth audio accessory connected to an iPhone or iPad. Five choices are offered in the settings for these purposes: Car stereo, Speaker, Headphones, Hearing aid or Other.

The goal of the maneuver is to allow iOS to adapt the audio notifications on the one hand transmitted to the Bluetooth device in question, on the other hand, to be fairer in the management of listening levels.

Follow our quick guide to take advantage of this feature:

  • Go to Settings> Bluetooth
  • In the “Connection to my devices” section, press the information icon with the small “i” corresponding to the device whose type is to be changed


  • Press “Device type” and choose the most appropriate option among the 5
Type of Bluetooth devices on iOS 14


Note that manipulation is not necessary for Apple-signed audio devices, which are automatically categorized correctly.

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how to change the type of a bluetooth audio device?

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