How to change your Instagram font for free?

You wish customize your Instagram account, make it unique? To attract people to your page, have more followers on Instagram, customizing your page on this social network is always a good idea. You can change your Instagram font using the following tool:

You have certainly already noticed that influencers and accounts that stand out on social networks personalize their profile as much as possible. They modify the instagram font of their bio, use special characters, etc. Even if Instagram offers very few features that allow you to take care of your bio or has only one typeface for writing texts, it is always possible to bypass these limitations by using free applications. You want to know how to change Instagram font ? Discover here our complete tutorial and a top 5 tools to modify a make Instagram.

Why change your Instagram font?

Before you start changing your Instagram bio font, first ask yourself the reason for this modification. It’s not just about changing your instagram font because you’ve seen your best friend do it or your favorite influencer doing it.

Beyond a simple fad or a desire to appear cool, changing the instagram font could have a positive impact on increasing the size of your Instagram community. Taking this factor into account is indeed essential to choose the most suitable fonts according to your brand, your audience or the type of people / prospects you want to reach through your account.

The type of make Instagram which you choose can say a lot about your brand or your personality if you are a content creator. So take into account your audience and the type of message you want to convey through a new font. This will prevent you from opting for instagram fonts far-fetched which will have the opposite effect to that expected. Smartly change from instagram font can help:

  • Attract the attention of potential subscribers to your profile: by using a instagram font special, you will attract the attention of curious visitors to your profile.

Which increases your chances of having more followers on your Instagram account, especially if your content is already engaging. You can also buy Instagram followers from

Have a instagram font original is a plus.

  • Create a real brand image: change Instagram font is a great way to build a brand image on social media. You can indeed choose a special font that you will highlight on your Instagram bio or use every time in the titles of your Instagram posts.

By doing this you will create visual consistency because people will end up associating this instagram special font to your profile. This will allow you to mark the minds of users on Instagram and in one way or another help strengthen your brand image on this social network.

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How to change the font in my Instagram bio?

For change font on Instagram, you have to go through a text generator for Instagram. These are tools that are mostly free and allow you to create original fonts. You can use them either in web version or on mobile.

Here are the steps to follow to change Instagram font using the completely free tool available on our site.

Step 1: Using a mobile, computer or smartphone, log into the Police Generator website. You can access it by typing “supremeboost instagram font generator” on Google.

Supremeboost instagram font change tool

Step 2: Once connected to the site, you will see the generator input menu displayed. Enter or paste the text whose character you want to change.

Supremeboost instagram font change tool

Step 3: Once entered, the generator will display a number of instagram fonts varied. You will simply have to scroll through the different proposals in order to choose the font that you like the most.

Supremeboost instagram font change tool

Step 4: Once you have found your instagram font blow of heart, copy it customized text.

Step 5: Then log into your Instagram account.

Step 6: Once logged into your Instagram account, click on the icon corresponding to your profile.

Step 6: Click on “Edit Profile” then select the option Organic.

Step 7: Paste the text you copied to the font generator and click “finish” to save the changes.

change bio instagram font

You will then be redirected to your profile where you will see that the new instagram font appears correctly on your bio. You can also follow the same process to change Instagram font in a post or to post a comment.

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How to change the font in my Instagram story?

Change the font of an Instagram story is just as easy as changing your Instagram bio font. First of all, know that Instagram has made its Story feature a tool through which brands and influencers can showcase their creativity. This is why at the level of Instagram stories, there are already ten or so fonts that you can use as you like.

here’s how change font in an Instagram story using the options offered by Instagram:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Choose a photo or a video in your gallery to make the story.

Step 3: After the photo or video is imported, you will see an icon Aa display above. Click on this icon to type your text.

Step 4: While entering the text, several other buttons Aa will be displayed with different characters. Write your text and then click on the different font options offered to choose the one that suits you the most.

change font instagram post

Step 6: Once your police story Instagram chosen, you can add the color of your choice by clicking on the small colored circle above.

Step 7: Click on Finish and then on send the story to publish it in your story or send it to a friend.

Change the font of your Instagram story with a font generator

change font instagram story

As for the Instagram bio, you can also use a instagram font generator to modify the characters of the texts of your story. It’s also a good way to stand out and avoid using the classic Instagram fonts that everyone uses.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Log into the supreme boost font generator by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Write or paste the text to put in your story on the generator input menu.

Step 3: Scroll through the options instagram font that the generator offers you.

Step 4: Click on the text shape you prefer and then copy it!

Step 5: Go to the Instagram story you started and paste the previously copied text there.

Step 6: Click finish then publish your story!

5 free Instagram font generators

As you may have seen, generators are simple tools that allow you to change Instagram font. However, they are not all created equal. It is important to use a generator that allows you to find styles that are certainly fun but original and above all that have a certain consistency with your graphic charter on Instagram. Here is our top 5 generators to favor for change your font on Instagram.

1 – Supreme boost font generator

Free, efficient and easy to use, it allows you to change or create a new one make Instagram with one click. Whether you are looking for a police Instagram simple, very elaborate or crazy, you will find on the site a multitude of very interesting options. Better, it allows you to create text, add other special characters and emojis to your Instagram bio or your stories.

2 – Instagram fonts

This tool also allows you to customize your instagram font. It has the advantage of offering a large number of fonts but also the possibility of adding decorative elements.

3 – Metatags

This character generator is ideal for people who are looking for instagram fonts simple. Unlike other generators, unfortunately it does not offer a wide variety of instagram font. But you can try it if you don’t feel like being spoiled for choice.

4 – LingoJam

Lingo Jam offers quite an interesting choice of fonts. It allows you to create simple characters, but also to generate personalized writings with emojis and symbols.

5 – Fonts

Mobile application available on IOS in Android, Fonts allows you to create beautiful instagram fonts. It offers its users the possibility to add emojis, symbols and even GIFs to their text. Fonts is a priori free but provides its followers with more advanced tools but which are not free.

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