How to choose the best and freshest apples?

¿Cómo elegir las mejores y más frescas manzanas?

If when it comes to buying apples, you always select them poorly and with a floury consistency, although they look colorful and bright. Follow these simple tips, they are a great help

Apples are one of the most accessible and healthy fruits that exist, they are a good ally to lose weight and regulate digestion.

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An apple a day of the doctor will deliver you. This popular saying is true, apples are most famous fruits that exist they are consumed worldwide and are not only delicious, each apple is a complex health formula.

They are long-term fruits that is to say that we can have them all year round. They are of various types, red, yellow and green, and best of all, they are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They can be used in practically any dish from drinks like juices, smoothies and infusions, even salty dishes such as salads, purees, sauces and garnishes. They are also an incomparable complement in the bakery and cake shop; Although they do not have to be consumed in elaborate preparations, eating them alone in large bites is a simple and very healthy daily habit.

Talk about benefits of apples it could be a long task and it is related to so many qualities that it is difficult to mention just a few. Eating apples is associated with a overall positive health effect, thanks to your rich composition of essential nutrients they are a great ally in prevention of circulatory and heart diseases, lung cancer, asthma and diabetes. They are also a wonder for him digestive and intestinal system and if it was not enough help lose weight.

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Without a doubt they are a basic ingredient in practically every home, however when shopping it is very common that we do not know how to choose them well. Surely on more than one occasion you think you chose them perfect and when you get home you discover at least one block dents and certain parts already rotten. That is why we present the infallible tips recommended by the best apple buyers, to select them always fresh and in good condition. Remember that a bad apple can make others break down more quickly.

How to choose the best apples?

Apple peak season is September to October and you will probably come across a million different varietiesHowever, there are some that are more popular than others, such as apples. Fuji, Gala and Granny Smith, I know characterized by being harder varieties they keep your crispy for longer; They are good additions to salads or as a complement to a sandwich.

There are also variants like Pink Lady and Honeycrisp or the most classic ones like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious or Braeburn. The reality is that each apple variant is delicious in its own way and associated with different uses.

Although many times we do not consider it the type of apple influences your selection process, since there are variants that remain crisp for much longer. Others that are softer and that they are used to become apple sauce, puree or butter, recipes in which soft apples are considered a great advantage.

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According to the statements of the top apple buyers internationally as is the case of Nick Moless, responsible for the purchasing area of Whole Food Market. There are subtle clues that are the key to selecting good apples:


When it comes to select fresh fruits and vegetables and in optimal condition maturing, color is one of the most important visible aspects. However you should know that in the case of apples it is not the same, since many times they look very colorful and bright. A good parameter is observe the apples which are normally red or yellow (like Fuji or Red Delicious) and check if they have any green huethat can mean that the apple was cut prematurely and it will be more acidic and starchy than usual. Although in the case of the apples that normally they are greenlike Granny Smith it is impossible to know.

The best thing you can do to select the good from the bad is to look for those apples without flat spots, when they have these spots it means that they contain bruising without visible punctures. These details intervene in a decomposition faster than normal.

How to ensure that they are not mealy?

This is probably one of the most common evils in terms of apple selection, is the mealy consistency, that which does not allow you to enjoy an apple as it should be. An apple must be firm and juicy, the truth is that it is that in a matter of appearance a mealy apple can look almost the same as a crisp one.

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If you hate taking the unpleasant surprise To discover a mealy apple when splitting it, the best advice to avoid it is to omit from your shopping list those variants that stand out for their high starch content, as is the case with the Gala. Another good tip is check your apple for firmness by squeezing itshouldn’t have wrinkles in the shell.

It is also important ensure the correct conservation. The best way to keep them for longer is store them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator, this is because the cold delays the release of ethylenewhich is the gas responsible for the ripening and putrefaction of the fruit.


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