How to clean soccer cleats?

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Soccer involves a lot of running for very long periods. This affects your feet and your football boots. Soccer cleats are essential for soccer matches as they help prevent injuries and improve your performance. We must keep them clean and in good condition so that the soccer cleats last longer and give you extra performance.

How do you clean football boots that smell bad?

Long hours of playing and grinding on the pitch lead to incredible amounts of sweat. Your feet, which are wrapped in your football boots, will also sweat a lot. The sweat will stick to your soccer cleats causing an unpleasant smell.

It’s perfectly normal for football boots, whether indoors or outdoors, to smell if you’re an active person. However, if you take proper care of your soccer cleats, you will minimize or erase the odour they generate. The most important thing is to know how to clean soccer boots that smell bad. Here’s how to do it

Shake off dirt after each use

Football boots are always exposed to the ground. This means that a lot of dust and dirt accumulates on your football boots. After each game or use, always remove the excess dirt that has stuck to your soccer cleats. Hit the studs against each other, tapping the soles to shake off excess dirt. You can also use a popsicle stick or a flathead screwdriver to remove any dirt that sticks to it even after you shake it off.

Use detergent to clean

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Now that you have removed the dirt from the soccer cleats, it will be much easier to clean them.

  • First, make a mixture of water and laundry detergent. Use only a small amount of detergent to prevent discolouration and softening of football boot materials.
  • Use a cloth and dip it into the detergent mixture. Scrub your soccer cleats. Make sure to clean the stains on all football boots.
  • If the stains are too difficult to remove, you can try using a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt stains. This should not happen often if you regularly clean your football boots.
  • If you have soccer cleats with a removable insole, remove the insole first and clean it with the cloth. Insoles contain much of your sweat and are often the smelliest.

Also, remove the laces (and even remove the studs from your boots if possible) and wash them separately.

clears up dirt

Now that you’ve scrubbed all the stains off your soccer cleats, it’s time to lighten them up. Do not use water to rinse your football boots. It could damage your football boots. Instead, use hot water to rinse out the detergent mixture and dirt. Dip a washcloth in the warm water. Make sure you only use a small amount of water. Use the wipe. Clean detergent and dirt from soccer cleats.

Dry your soccer cleats

Wipe off excess water from football boots before letting them dry. Dry your football boots by placing them in a cool, dry place. Never expose them to sunlight as this will cause the leather of your soccer cleats to crack.

If the inside of your football boots is wet, you can use newspaper to help dry them. The newspaper helps absorb moisture and can also help keep your soccer cleats in shape.

Never use drying equipment such as a hairdryer or drying machine. This will only cause damage to your football boots. If you have leather football boots, you can polish them after cleaning to keep the leather in good condition. Overly dry soccer cleats, especially leather ones, are susceptible to cracking. Use a leather conditioner to polish your leather soccer cleats.

Can football boots be put in the washing machine?

It is highly recommended not to wash football boots in the washing machine. Putting your football boots in the washing machine can cause damage that may be irreversible.

However, you can use a washing machine to clean your soccer cleats. Prepare for the consequences. Some soccer cleats can be washed in a washing machine. Some Adidas football boots can withstand damage from a washing machine as long as you follow the steps to clean them properly.

You can clean football boots in the washing machine by first removing the laces and insoles. Put them inside a pillowcase. Wash them inside the washing machine using the cold/delicate preset. Make sure they are snug inside the pillowcase. Use only mild detergent to clean your soccer cleats.

Use the washing machine to clean your football boots only if

  • Your football boots can be washed with a washing machine
  • You have no problem if your football boots can be damaged by the washing machine
  • Your football boots are old or cheap

Your sweat can cause moisture to build up inside your football boots. The humidity and warm temperature inside your soccer cleats are a perfect combination for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria grow and thrive in a warm, moist environment like your football boots. Then it produces the bad smell that your football boots give off.

Therefore, regularly cleaning your football boots will help you. You eliminate bad odour by stopping the growth of bacteria inside your football boots.

How do football boots dry quickly?

You can speed up the drying process with several methods.

Using newsprint. The newspaper helps absorb moisture inside football boots, speeding up the drying process. Change the newspaper every 2-3 hours. Newspapers are less absorbent when full of water, so changing them every 2-3 hours will help speed up the drying process.

Use a light breeze or a light fan. The air will help remove moisture. Make sure the air you blow is fresh. If it’s hot, you’ll only get to damage your soccer cleats.

Hairdryer with the cold setting. Some hair dryers have this option and it’s great for drying football boots quickly. To find out if it’s okay to use a hairdryer on your boots, point the dryer at your skin. If the blowing air is too hot for your skin, don’t use it to dry your football boots.

Refrigerate your football boots. If you don’t mind the smell of your football boots in the fridge, it will be much faster to dry your football boots. The cold air inside the fridge is constantly circulating and will easily dry your soccer cleats.

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