How to combat the anxiety of the question: And the boyfriend?

Cómo combatir la ansiedad de la pregunta: ¿Y el novio?

As we prepare for the holidays, singles are arming themselves for the number one question family members ask: What about the boyfriend?

Although that question has become almost a tradition, it can embitter those who are looking for a true partner. With this in mind, Chispa, the dating app for Latino millennials, conducted a survey to see how singles feel before the holidays. This is what they said:

⦁ More than 81% of singles said they enjoy parties more when in a relationship.
⦁ When asked if they would be honest with their families about meeting their partner through a dating app, over 80% said yes, which shows that Latino parents are not as traditional as some might think.
⦁ When asked how they feel being single during the holidays, more than 55% of Latino singles feel anxious due to family, social and personal expectations.
⦁ 50% of respondents feel lonelier during the holiday season.

Chispa remembers that it is designed to search for Latino singles who share similar roots, so it is possible that you will meet someone you like enough to introduce your family. The application is available in English and Spanish on the App Store or Google Play.


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