How to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot in 10 minutes?

Creating a Chat Bot on Facebook Messenger can have many interests for businesses. How is it possible to create one quickly? Without development knowledge? Different tools can allow you to get there without breaking your head.

A few years ago, we presented on LEPTIDIGITAL the arrival of ChatBots Messenger, a new way to automatically engage in conversation with Facebook users while providing them with advice and information with real added value to any time of day or night.

Whether Messenger already hosts several hundred thousand chatbots different on its application at present, the number of these new kind of assistants has rapidly increased since its creation in 2016. Indeed, tools, such as ChatFuel, make it possible to develop bots without having any knowledge of the code. Any brand can therefore embark on the creation of chatbots.

Why create a Messenger chatbot?

A ChatBot Messenger can have many interests:

  • Automatically answer frequently asked questions while redirecting to company website
  • Start a discussionat any time of the day or night, on which the community manager can then bounce back afterwards
  • User does not need to download any additional appthe functionality or service developed through the chatbot is directly accessible on his phone, so he will have all the more chances of using it

5 examples of chat bots to create on Messenger:

  • Chat bots for news sites : depending on the centers of interest of an Internet user, the chatbot will be able to send, by private message to the Internet user, the links of the articles which correspond to his centers of interest. The user can for example configure the frequency of reception if he wishes to receive every day or every week for example. News bot – Sends personalized breaking news or specific stories from a specific website, every day, in a private messenger message.
  • A chatbot that sends price alerts : in the case of an e-commerce site or a comparator, this feature can be very interesting for finalizing a sale. In this specific case, the chat bot allows the user to configure his price alert with many options. When the price drops to the user’s criteria, the chatbot sends him a message with a link. Ebay, for example, has implemented this system.
  • A chatbot to help Internet users choose a gift : very useful during periods like Christmas or on the occasion of Father’s or Mother’s Day, it is possible to create a chat bot which will be able to suggest gift ideas to a user according to numerous criteria sent by the Internet user (price, areas of interest, etc.).
  • A chat bot to find out about a film and reserve a cinema ticket : it is possible to create a Messenger chat bot which automatically gives access to all the information on a particular film, its broadcast times or the cinemas available to view it. This chat bot, for example, was created by Fandango.
  • A chat bot to send photos to print : chat bots allow users and bots to send photos (no GIFs for the moment), so it is perfectly possible to create a chat bot that will automatically print the photos selected by a user from the gallery of his smartphones.

chat bot messenger Techcrunch

Example of a Messenger chat bot made by TechCrunch

Which tool to use to create chatbots on Messenger? Our top 3

chatfuel logo

The tool that we suggest you test to create your first chatbot on Messenger is ChatFuel. This completely free tool is an online assistant creation of a messenger chatbot.

1 – ChatFuel

ChatFuel is a platform that has completely specialized in the creation of chatbots. They operate on Messenger, but also on Instagram and websites.

They have a very clear and very simple vision of this kind of automation. First, they help you attract customers. According to them, the conversion rate is 3 times better with a chatbot like the one they offer you. Then, you offer personalized interaction throughout the customer’s buying journey. The chatbot responds to approximately 98% of requests that the future customer may encounter. And, finally, once you’ve successfully sold, the chatbot helps you retain customers with my messages that incentivize re-engagement.

To help you build your response automation scenarios, ChatFuel offers templates to generate leads, qualify them and understand their intentions, send them promo codes and much more. There are also models regarding customer support: questions, recommended products, customer feedback, etc.

ChatFuel offers people interested in this kind of service a free trial before purchasing. Unfortunately, there is no freemium version. 2 rates are available to you: Business for $11.99 per month and Enterprise for $199 per month.

Tutorial: how to create your first Messenger chat bot quickly with ChatFuel?

This 5 minute video tutorial will show you how to create a welcome message for your Messenger chatbot. It’s kind of the basic functionality to master when you get into this kind of automation.

2 – SendPulse

SendPulse is an online marketing platform that will allow you to manage chatbots and much more.

Indeed, thanks to SendPulse, you will be able to configure automatic responses based on keywords used by people who contact you. For example, if the keyword “price” is used, the platform will respond with a message that you have defined which gives the different prices of your products or services.

Here too, there is absolutely no need to have coding knowledge to get by. Simply connect your Facebook profile to SendPulse, choose the relevant page(s) and then start setting up the different responses. Then, the platform gives you access to detailed statistics related to the contact between the chatbot and the users. In particular, you will be able to see the number of messages sent per scenario as well as the number of openings and clicks on the link present in the message.

Create Messenger Chatbots with SendPulse

Create Messenger Chatbots with SendPulse

The advantage of SendPulse is that beyond chatbots for Messenger, you will be able to create one for Instagram, WhatsApp or Telegram. And that’s not all since SendPulse is not limited to chatbots. It will also allow you to do email marketing, SMS marketing, push notifications, landing pages and even CRM. It is concretely a complete webmarketing platform.

SendPulse offers you a 100% free version! Indeed, with their basic offer, you can take advantage of 3 robots for Messenger (or Instagram and Telegram) for free, with the configuration of 10 variables. However, you will be limited to 1000 subscribers and 10,000 messages per month. If you are running a small business, this is an opportunity not to be missed. And, anyway, it allows you to test the quality of their service. Otherwise, for 10,000 subscribers (to the channels on which you implement your robots), it will be necessary to count 49 € per month for example. The price increases according to the number of subscribers.

Discover the potential of SendPulse for your Messenger chat bots

3 – Botsify

Unlike SendPulse, Botsify is a platform that is completely geared towards creating chatbots. This is one of the most popular tools for this right now. Messenger is just one of their features since Botsify can also create chatbots for sites, WhatsApp, Telegram and even SMS.

Create Messenger chatbots with Botsify

Create Messenger chatbots with Botsify

Using Botsify is an opportunity to strengthen and above all increase the link between you and the people potentially interested in what you sell. It is also a way to offer a totally personalized and more efficient and profitable service to nurture leads in the sales funnel.

Botsify does not have a free plan, but you can still use a trial version for 14 days. Otherwise, their plan to enter costs $49 per month.

Now you know everything there is to know about Messenger chatbots and how they were created. If you know of other no-code, easy-to-use tools, please share them in the comments.

To go further and consult the Facebook help page, it’s here.

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