How to Create a Facebook Poll From a Page or Profile?

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Facebook has already launched a long-awaited new feature for several years now, allowing you to create a survey from a Facebook page or profile while integrating illustrative images or Gifs. How it works ? We explain all that to you (with update in 2020 for the last working way to create a poll on a Facebook page).

5 things to know about the new illustrated Facebook polls!

1- You can create them from a profile or a page (events and groups still have the old poll functionality)
2- You can NOT add more than 2 options
3- You can illustrate each option with a photo or a Gif
4- You can tag a product in a Facebook poll from a page
5- You can customize the end date or leave it active forever

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Update 2020: How to create a poll on a Facebook page of yes the new design?

Since Facebook changed its design, it’s not as easy as it used to be to create a Facebook poll from the classic interface of your Facebook page, you have to go to the ” Publishing tools In order to be able to create a poll as before we could do it from the classic Facebook page.

Here is an overview of the “Publishing tools” interface allowing you to create a poll on a Facebook page in 2020

To do this, simply go to this URL by simply replacing “leptidigital” with the name of your Facebook page:

create Facebook poll 2020 page

Here is the interface after clicking on “Poll” to create a poll on any Facebook page in 2020

Then just click on ” Create a post »Then select the option« Survey“. Then all you have to do is integrate description text, your options and gifs or images to illustrate everything.

How to create a poll from a Facebook profile?

Facebook poll icon

From the classic interface for drafting a status, you have to find the new icon “Poll”

To create your first Facebook poll, just follow these few steps from a laptop and Facebook Desktop (it’s the same principle from the mobile application):

    1. Once connected, go to your Facebook news feed
    2. Click on “Express yourself” to see all the options available or on the “…” next to “Mood / Activity”.
    3. Make a slight scroll down to discover other options than those presented by default
    4. Click on “Poll” (green pictogram easily recognizable by scrolling)

create a Facebook poll

    1. Write your question where you usually write your Facebook statuses
    2. Add the two possibilities and illustrate them with (or without) images or animated Gifs
facebook survey gif

In my test, I added Gifs to illustrate each option, the rendering was really nice!

  1. Choose the duration of the survey: 1 week by default but possible to customize or leave it always active
  2. Choose the audience (Public, friends, …) and share your survey

Here is the final result (without the animations):

sample Facebook profile survey

Once shared, the responses will be collected over and over again and the results will be displayed directly to participants on the survey after participation.

How to create an illustrated survey of Gifs from a Facebook page?

From a Facebook page, the procedure is more or less the same and the options are identical but here is which icon to click to launch the functionality allowing you to create your first illustrated Facebook poll and share it with your community:

create poll Facebook page

You just have to click on “Create a poll” to launch the interface identical to that available on a Facebook profile

How to create a poll from a Facebook group?

From Facebook groups, impossible to add one or more gifs to illustrate the options. The functionality is not the same as that available on Facebook profiles and pages but here’s how to launch a poll from a group :

create Facebook group poll

How to create a poll from a Facebook event?

From a Facebook event, for the moment, the new interface for adding illustration Gifs or photos is not available. You can, however, offer more answers as possible than via the new interface. Here’s what it looks like from a Facebook event:

create Facebook event poll

It’s hard to get lost when creating a poll from a Facebook event, it’s displayed from the start with an icon slightly different from the others

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