How to Create and Write a High-Performance Google Ads Text Ad?

How to Create and Write a High-Performance Google Ads Text Ad?

Google offers many possibilities to promote your website, your products or your services. In these possibilities we find different advertising formats such as: Search, Display, Video, Shopping or even Applications. The most common format is: text ads (Google Ads Search). In this article, discover all the essential steps to writing a text ad, as well as all the secrets to writing effective ones!

What is a text ad on Google Ads?

Text ad is the advertising format on Google Ads Search, this one is uniquely consisting of text. Text ads are found in Google search results but also on Search Network partner sites such as Ask, Orange, Free, etc. and on the Display network.

What are the specifics of a text ad on Google Ads?

A text ad is made up as follows:

  • Title 1: 30 characters maximum
  • Title 2: 30 characters maximum
  • Title 3: 30 characters maximum (note, this title is only displayed on certain inserts)
  • Description 1: 90 characters maximum
  • Description 2: 90 characters maximum
  • Url of your landing page
  • Destination Path: 2x 15 characters maximum (optional)

write a text ad on Google Ads

On these text ads, it is possible to add ad extensions. (And we highly recommend that you do!) These ad extensions add additional and essential information to your ads. But also to occupy the maximum space on the Search results.

The different possible ad extensions are as follows:

  • Extension of sitelinks
  • Hook extension
  • Extending site snippets
  • Image extension (new)
  • Call extension
  • Form extension for prospects
  • Place extension
  • Affiliate location extension
  • Price extension
  • Application extension
  • Promotion extension

We recommend that you put at least 4 link extensions per ad group, as long as these extensions are relevant and in line with your objective.

Tips for writing a text ad

The title

The title is the first thing the user will see about your ad. This should be relevant and perfectly match the user’s search terms. To do this, insert a keyword of your targeting inside Title 1. This will not only be in line with the user’s research but also increase your Quality Score (criterion of relevance of the ad) and your CTR.

You must also add a title 2 and a title 3. Note that Title 3 is not always visible (it is displayed depending on the user’s device, the screen resolution, the position of the announcement…) then put the most important and powerful information in position 1 and 2; and in position 3 a little less important information. Note that the Title is a space for marketing arguments, so you have 2 × 30 characters to convince the Internet user to click on your ad rather than that of a competitor.


This is the page the user will be redirected to by clicking on your text ad. Redirect Internet users to the page that best matches their search query.

Example: if you market mobile phones and you want to promote the purchase of iPhone mobiles, redirect your ad to the category page of your site where only iPhone mobiles are present and not other brands. And if your text ad is for the iPhone 12, then redirect only to the iPhone 12 product page. Using a consistent landing page containing the targeted keyword will allow you to improve your quality score (QS).

You can change the display of your URL in your ad: all you have to do is fill in the “paths to display” fields. Do not hesitate to insert the keyword inside it to show the Internet user that he will be redirected only to what he is looking for.

The description

You can write 2 descriptions of 90 characters each. Place CTAs (call-to-action) to to incite to action and attract Internet users to your landing page. It can be verbs like “Discover, Enjoy, Do” etc.

In your descriptions, be as human as possible and think about solving the problem / questioning of your persona. Your text ad must match the search query of the Internet user, so insert once again your chosen keyword in targeting. Do not repeat your keyword too much in your ad description, placing it once is more than enough.

Use the remaining characters intelligently by inserting information that sets you apart from your competitors. Example: free delivery, return conditions, customer service, made in France, satisfied or refunded, etc.

Also add reassuring elements to your ad: Expert, XX years of experience, x% of satisfied customers, etc.

In short, your ad should be:

  • Clear and concise (because the number of characters is limited)
  • Relevant (because you must respond to the Internet user’s request)
  • Saleswoman and attractive (because beyond the request, you must make them click on your ad and not that of a competitor)
  • Reliable and NO misspellings (show you are a serious, trustworthy business)

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Your ads should also match Google’s ad copywriting requirements. Some of these requirements:

  • Do not use exclamation marks, repetitive or misused signs or symbols such as: l0v €…!
  • Do not use excessive capitals
  • Do not forget spaces between words or on the contrary do not add additional spaces
  • Do not put a phone number written in the ad text

Little tips that only the experts know

The Keyword Tag: {Keyword}

This tag makes it possible to insert the keyword searched by the Internet user dynamically in your ad and therefore that your ad corresponds as much as possible to the request of the Internet user.

For this, you must insert the tag {Keyword: your keyword} in the title of your ad.

For example, you market caps. In title 1 you can put: Buy a {Keyword: Cap}. If the Internet user searches for a specific cap such as a men’s cap, your basic title “buy a cap” will automatically change to “buy a men’s cap”; provided that you will have purchased the keyword Men’s Cap in your ad group. If the keyword searched by the Internet user is too long to be displayed in your ad, the keyword displayed will be the one you put in your tag, here “Cap”.

The Countdown Tag: {Countdown}

This tag allows you to dynamically insert a countdown timer in your text ad. All you have to do is insert the {Countdown} tag and fill in the following information: dates, times, type of display. This countdown will automatically update in your ad until the end of it.

put a countdown on google ads

How to optimize a Google Ads Search ad?

After you’ve published your text ads, it’s not enough to just let them run. It is necessary to optimize them as you accumulate data on their performance. To optimize your ads, you must:

  • A / B test your different ad versions. This will allow you to determine which messages are the best performing.
  • Create multiple variations and on a weekly or monthly basis, pause less performing ads to replace them with new ones.

How to create a text ad on Google ads?

To create a text ad on the Google Search Network and its partners, it is first necessary to have a Google Ads account and to configure a campaign (which you can either carry out on the live interface of Google Ads as explained below or through Google Ads Editor)

On the live interface:

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account
  • Click on “+ New Campaign”
  • Select an objective for your campaign

campaign objectives on google ads

  • In “Select a type of Campaign”, choose “Search Network”, it is with this type of campaign that it is possible to create text ads.

acquisition levers on google ads

  • Then indicate how you want to achieve your goal
  • Set up your campaign (campaign name, location, budget, languages, geographic targeting, etc.)
  • Create an ad group / keyword typology. The more you will segment your campaign with fine granularity, the more your campaign will be considered as relevant by Google (better Quality Score)
  • Write your text ads. We recommend that you write at least 3 ads / ad group and at least one responsive ad.
  • Save, publish your campaign.

Your ad will then be under review. Google will verify that its content complies with the advertising rules and the rules relating to text ads.

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Bonus Info: What is the Quality Score?

The Quality Score is a rating that Google will give for each of your chosen targeting keywords. This rating ranges from 1 to 10. A rating of 1 corresponds to mediocre and 10 to Excellent. It is important to get the best grade possible.

To give this rating, Google will take into account 3 main criteria:

  • The expected click-through rate (CTR)
  • The relevance of the ad
  • The usability of the landing page

Google’s objective with the Quality Score is to show the Internet user qualitative and relevant ads for his search. This QS has an impact on your performance. The better the QS and the higher your ad will be in the search results, the less you will pay for your clicks, and therefore you will get a better ROI. QS is not the only criterion that Google takes into account to determine the position of an ad. Google uses Ad Rank (or Classification of Ads in French). This is calculated based on:

  • Auction
  • Minimum auction threshold
  • The QS of the ad at the time of its auction
  • Competition
  • Internet user’s research context
  • The estimated impact of your extensions and ad formats

Why entrust the writing of your ads to a Certified Google Ads Agency?

Because that’s what we do best! Our goal: your performance.

1st Position is Google Premier Partner Agency certified. This certification “proves that [l’agence en question] has skills and in-depth expertise in Google Ads, that it has achieved the required level of Google advertising spending, that it has boosted its revenues and those of its customers, and that it is building loyalty and developing its customers. »Source Google.

It is the holy grail of SEA agencies 😉

As you will have understood, not only is our agency recognized as an expert in SEA, but also all our SEA consultants are personally certified on the various Google Ads levers (Search, Display, Shopping, Application, etc.).

Our job: to create, publish and optimize advertisements for our client accounts, large or small. Every day, we work to improve the performance of your ads. Our consultants are used to writing ads that meet customer and Google requirements while responding to Internet users’ requests. All our announcements are also validated by the customer himself before any publication.

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