How to Create Effective Fleets? Tips & Advice

How to Create Effective Fleets? Tips & Advice

Twitter has officially announced the launch of Fleets, the Twitter version of Stories. After Linkedin, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook stories, Linkedin is one of the last major social networks (excluding Pinterest) to launch its version of stories, a format originally created by Snapchat. Here’s everything you need to know about them and most importantly, our top tips and advice on how to create them and get the most out of them.

Better late than never.

Twitter surely hesitated for a long time, but it did. You can now create and share “Fleets” stories on Twitter.

Twitter presents its version of the stories, the Fleets

Officially, the Twitter Fleets were launched for the following reason:

“Some of you have told us sometimes that you were uncomfortable with the ‘permanent’ and public aspect of Tweets, but also with the pressure around the number of Retweets and Likes. This is why, unfortunately, there are so many Tweets nés doomed to remain in draft form! To help you feel more comfortable, we’ve worked on a way to relieve this pressure and make it easier to speak up. “- Twitter

Believe it or not, here’s how it works anyway, and most importantly, how to get the most out of it with a few simple, yet effective hacks.

How to create a Fleet story on Twitter?

share fleets twitter

No need to look for the functionality on the computer interface of Twitter, it does not exist for the moment and Twitter has not communicated on a possible future deployment.

So you can only create and share Fleets from your smartphone and the Twitter application for Android or iOS.

Here’s how :

  • From the Twitter news feed, click on the stories icon with the ” Add + »Then authorize Twitter to access your photos, your microphone and the camera of your smartphone.
  • You can create a Twitter story from a video, a photo or just text ” Share a fleeting thought … »(Translation: share a Fleet with only text and a background).

Twitter’s Fleets remain online and searchable 24 hours a day, just like Facebook and Instagram stories.

Unlike Instagram, even after these 24 hours, you can still check who has seen your Fleets …

What customization options for Twitter stories fleets?

creation of fleets twitter

For textual Fleets:

  • You can choose different colored backgrounds for the textual fleets (quite similar to the colored backgrounds offered by Facebook on illustrated textual publications): to do this, just click on the colored icon circled in white at the bottom left of your textual story.
  • You can change the text to bold, but not change the typo, date.
  • You can either add a colored background under your text, or leave it transparent.
  • You can add hashtags to your fleets but at the moment they don’t appear in the search results so it won’t boost the organic reach of the latter (but I imagine it will happen soon as the usage rate increases. will increase, as had been the case for Instagram Stories).
How to Create Effective Fleets? Tips & Advice

For video and photo fleets:

For video and photo fleets, the best is to create them via third-party tools and applications and then import them directly into the fleets because natively, Twitter only offers very few customization options except those described above for text fleets. .

What organic reach and visibility can you expect from Twitter Fleets?

It will all depend on the quality of your subscriber base and your level of interaction with them in general, but the organic reach can reach 3 to 7%, which is not bad for a start!

Of course, as Fleets are used more and more, this rate should gradually drop and only the most active and committed accounts with a real community will be able to, in time, get the most out of this format.

Fleets, the opinion of an expert b2b influencer: Jonathan Chan

Are you skeptical about Fleets and would like to have the opinion of a professional in community management and b2b marketing influence? We contacted Jonathan Chan to have his opinion on this novelty, and here is what he thinks so far, only a few days after the launch of the feature in France:

“My first impressions on the release of Fleets are mixed since the development of Stories à la Twitter dates from February 2020 and we have as only notable novelty: clickable tweets.

The organic reach remains correct, the difference is that we mainly reach our subscribers because there is no algorithmic impact with the Fleets. I see the Fleets as a great way to retain your community with more peaceful and authentic discussions.

Indeed, we do not behave in the same way when we respond in the public sphere with social pressure and a reputation to maintain in relation to a private message discussion where everyone takes the time to listen to the other and to exchange views. ideas in a cordial manner.

The proof is that my first Fleet generated around 80 private messages, i.e. more requests in one day than in two months with my tweets. ” @ChanPerco (Jonathan Chan)

twitter fleets Jonathan Chan
twitter fleets Jonathan Chan

4 tips and hacks to get the most out of Fleets Twitter stories

You are not a growth hacker at heart but still want to make the most of this new possibility offered by Twitter?

The good news is that Twitter Fleets will allow growth hackers and community managers to redouble their ingenuity to grow the Twitter accounts they manage again.

Here are some hacks, tips and tricks to help your visibility (and that of the brand you work for) benefit from Twitter Fleets stories.

1 – Boost traffic to your Twitter account (and your number of subscribers)

Quite similar to what can be done on Instagram Stories, Fleets will allow you toattract the attention of qualitative accounts that attracts attention to you as a potential future active subscriber.

Viewing many stories from the accounts you follow (or not for that matter) is the basic idea.

All accounts that share Stories Fleets will often watch who is viewing their Stories.

Seeing and swiping as much as possible therefore guarantees you an interesting visibility in this section and with a little luck, you will arouse the curiosity of a few dozen accounts per day, and why not, will encourage them to subscribe in turn to your account (provided that you share interesting content and that your account is sufficiently attractive and in the target theme of the account in question).

2 – Hide Fleets from Twitter accounts that do not interest you, practical!

Do you follow some accounts that publish too many Fleets or these are not relevant enough for you? Do you want to unsubscribe from their Fleets only without unsubscribing from the rest of their account which is more relevant? With a few clicks you can decide to block the display of the Fleets of an account, without the latter being informed.

To do this, you just have to keep your finger pressed on the photo of the account you want to hide then click on ” Hide @ “:

hide fleets twitter account

You can then reactivate Fleets for hidden accounts directly from your Twitter account settings if you change your mind.

3 – Share a clickable tweet in a fleet to boost its organic (or other) reach

If you want you can share tweets via Fleets.

To do so, simply click on the share icon at the bottom right of the tweet you want to integrate, yours or that of a third party account, then click on ” + share in a Fleet“. You can’t go wrong.

share clickable tweet fleet twitter
Overview of the interface for sharing a clickable Tweet in a Fleet

But so that the Fleets are not limited to a different format of retweet (and to avoid being blocked by your subscribers), we just do not recommend that you systematically “retweet” your own tweets via Fleets.

On the other hand, Fleets with integrated tweets can, for example, be used to:

  • Highlight the tweetos that mentioned you by sharing an interesting info or with a nice comment,
  • Share a weekly watch on a particular subject and create a “Fleets meeting” with your subscribers,
  • React in a more visual way to Tweets without “polluting” your account feed.

You will surely be more creative than me so I have no doubt that you will find more other smart ways to use them depending on your activity and your target.

Following twitter accounts known for their good network management can also be a very good source of inspiration to know how to get the best out of them while adapting best practices to your theme and your target.

4 – Subscribe to the most relevant accounts and attract the attention of targeted active accounts

Do you have a goal of growing your qualitative subscriber base? The good news with Fleets is that you can see who viewed them with no time limit.

Thus, generally, the accounts that will consult your Fleets will most of the time be active accounts that may be interested in your other publications, products and services. By simply viewing the accounts that have seen your Fleets, you will be able to quickly identify the accounts that could potentially become future qualitative, engaged and active subscribers (because yes, a Fleets user is necessarily an active Twitter user). Unlike less targeted follow, you will be able with this approach, to follow and engage in discussions with accounts of interest to your activity.

The downside to date is that Twitter does not indicate whether the account that has seen your Fleets is already subscribed to your account or not (an additional click is necessary to find out). In itself, it is certainly not worse since it will force you to select only the most relevant accounts for your activity (by analyzing in particular their intro text for example).

The limits of Fleets: what we cannot currently do with Twitter stories

Just launched, the Fleets are still a little restrained for the moment, here is an overview of some points that they do not allow (currently):

  • Change the font natively : apart from the bolding, it is not possible to change the style and the font to date from the interface for creating a Fleet. It is therefore essential to create your Fleets outside of Twitter if you need to change this.
  • Respond to a Fleets from an account that does not follow you : if a Twitter account does not follow you, it is not possible for you to respond to its Fleets.
  • Add Gifs to your Fleets : for the moment, this option is not proposed but it is a safe bet that it is in the roadmap of the developers of Twitter …
  • Referencing your Fleets in search results using hashtags : Personally, that’s what surprised me the most, the fact that the social network behind the hashtags doesn’t integrate this functionality at all from the launch of its stories format, even though a Instagram has now been offering it for several months …


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