How to Create Effective Images & Visuals for Social Networks?

An essential element to increase the visibility of your brand on social networks, the production of visual content can take a lot of time (especially if you are not a graphic designer at heart!). It is well known, content with images is 94% more viewed than only textual content (source: Skyword) and gets more engagements (likes, shares, retweets, comments…). So how do you easily create relevant visuals for your social accounts without tearing your hair out? In this article, we give you all the keys.

How to create content for your social accounts?

1- The graphic charter

Creating or following your brand’s graphic charter is essential if you want to be recognized during the dissemination of your publications on social networks. Being recognizable at first glance inevitably arouses interest in the brand. Whether it involves a logo, typography, colors or specific formatting, your audience will automatically associate your brand image in their mind!

2- Free image banks

Who has never searched for hours THE IMAGE that would fit perfectly with the subject of his publication? If you are a community manager, you know how the choice of the image is essential to generate the commitment of your community. There are paid platforms like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. Conversely, if you have a small budget, you can turn to the free royalty-free image banks which are just as effective. We recommend Unsplash and Pexels, among others, for the best known.

3- Image resizing

Not all social media have the same criteria for image format. Square for Instagram, 16: 9 for Facebook and Twitter, vertical format for stories formats, there is something to get lost in!

To adapt your visual according to the desired use, you must be vigilant with the dimensions of images on social networks (see this full article on the dimensions of images on social networks). These change from year to year, so it is important to adapt to the constraints imposed by the different social platforms. Indeed, a resized visual is more likely to be seen and attract the attention of your audience than a visual in the wrong format.

To create your visuals easily, you need the right tools to learn quickly to gain in productivity! Discover in the second part of the article, the different online tools that seem the most relevant according to the editorial staff.

4 online tools to create images for social networks

1- Canva

Can go

Canva is a must in the community manager’s toolbox. The Australian platform is one of the most famous for creating online images and graphic compositions for social networks. What makes it successful? Its freemium model, its great ease of use, 8000 templates available with the latest trendy designs and the most common formats.

Whether you are a bit creative or not at all, Canva is suitable for beginners – intermediate levels. You can start from the blank page or use one of the many templates offered, add your photos or videos, your text, music, backgrounds, shapes or even illustrations. In just a few clicks, you end up with perfect posts! To use it, you can either download your post or share it directly on your social accounts.

2- PicMonkey


PicMonkey is also a recognized player among community managers. Easy to use, the tool allows you to create your visuals to share them on social networks.

Thus, you can easily edit and modify your photos, add text and your logo, add filter effects to adapt your photo to your graphic charter, for example. Out of inspiration? Get help from the 2000 templates available. In short, a useful tool for those who do not master the Adobe suite;).

3- Snappa


Snappa’s trump card? Help you create your visual as quickly as possible thanks to predefined or personalized standard formats. Very complete, the solution offers a multitude of high definition photos, fonts and graphic elements for free.

4- BeFunky


BeFunky goes further than the solutions presented above. The platform is distinguished by 3 photo editing features specific to it:

  • accentuation
  • saturation
  • noise reduction

If you love photos but haven’t mastered the art of Photoshop retouching, this tool should make you happy!

What type of visuals to share?

Don’t you know what to share? Here are some inspirations to get you started:

  • Infographics: ideal for sharing a large amount of information in a synthetic and graphic way. It is now a very popular format on social networks.
  • Behind the scenes / “behind the scene”: they humanize the brand and strengthen the close link with the audience.
  • Inspirational photos: they anchor the image and reflect the brand values.
  • Quotes: they define a concept and a state of mind to convey to your audience.

To conclude, to easily create your visual content for social networks, you just need to find your inspiration (in your head or using the templates) while respecting your graphic charter and the right format adapted to the social network concerned!

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