Business Digital Marketing How to Create & Share Your 9 Best Photos?

How to Create & Share Your 9 Best Photos?


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If you use Instagram at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, there is a good chance that you will meet accounts sharing their 9 best photos of the year with a summary of the number of publications posted as well as the number of likes obtained on year 2020. You wonder how to do it for your Instagram account? Here’s how to create this type of Instagram collage post dubbed ” Instagram Best Nine“.

Instagram Best Nine 2020: How to Share Your Best Photos of 2020 in One Post?

Here is an example of Instagram Best Nine 2020 based on Ariana Grande’s Instagram account

This year again, the best nine floods Instagram. If you want too create a collage of your most liked Instagram photos and posts of 2020, simply go to this site and follow the procedure detailed below.

# 2020bestnine: How to share the 9 best photos of 2020 from an Instagram account in one post?

Surprisingly, the best nine is not a feature offered natively by Instagram but a possibility offered by a third-party website, so you must leave the Instagram application to be able to generate it.

To view the best nine 2020 from any Instagram account and then decide whether to share it or not, you just need to:

  • go to the responsive website (accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer)

With this website you can choose on which period to base the creation of your best nine. Your 9 best photos (the ones with the most likes) can thus be from the last quarter, last semester or all of 2020 as do most Instagram accounts.

Create and share your Best Nine Instagram of 2020: how to do it?

how to create instagram best nine

To generate a best nine 2020, all you have to do is enter the ID of the desired account instead of “Instagram ID” and click on “GET”.

If you do not want to use the website and that you are on iPhone, you can also generate your top nine 2020 using this mobile app.

The site offers much the same options as the mobile application, you are free to choose the means that suits you best to obtain your Best Nine 2020.

Here is the procedure for generate and then share the best nine of any Instagram account :

  • Go to this website:
  • Enter the ID of the Instagram account for which you want to view the best nine in the search bar then click on “GET” (as a reminder, the id is the Instagram account username. He can be found by clicking on “Edit Profile” from his Instagram profile or by looking at the URL of an Instagram account from a computer).
  • Wait for the site to generate the best nine (this can take up to 10 minutes depending on the number of posts and likes).
  • Once the best nine is generated, hold your finger on it (from a smartphone) to display the recording options that will allow you to save the image on your smartphone and then share it on Instagram (from a computer, the same options are available by right-clicking on the image).
  • Go to Instagram and create a traditional post by fetching the previously saved image.
  • Add the description and the desired hashtags (the site recommends that you add the hashtag # 2020bestnine but nothing requires you to do so), then all you have to do is share your best nine 2020.
example instagram best nine 2019

Example of best nine 2019 Instagram generated for the account @wheniniceland

5 facts about the Best Nine Instagram:

1- The photos are ranked in order of popularity, from the one with the most likes at the top left to that of the 9 best of the year which obtained the least at the bottom right.

2- The best nine will automatically calculate the number of publications posted in the year.

3- The site will automatically calculate the total number of likes that Instagram posts will have obtained in the year.

4- It is not possible to modify the message “Thank you for your likes! “Added to the right of the account ID on the base best nine generated but by clicking on” Square “at the bottom right of the best nine generated, this mention will disappear.

5- If you want to generate the best nine of an Instagram account for the year 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019, this is no longer possible.

6- You have to be patient for the generation of the best nine, with the high demand, it can take more than 10 minutes (it also depends on the number of publications posted in 2020 on your account).

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