how to define your brand identity? [+ exemples]

how to define your brand identity? [+ exemples]

Mission-vision-values ​​is a trilogy in the form of a card that can be used in the development phase of a company. This is a diagram that represents essential elements for the success and development of the activity, and which participates in the creation of your brand image. How to use it well?

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Mission vision values

How to define the mission of a company?

The mission is the raison d’être of your entrepreneurial project. Defining it is not an easy task, because the mission of the company must be as ambitious that feasible. A corporate mission can be societal or organizational.

Describe your company’s mission

Describe the mission of your company amounts to presenting his purpose. A mission must be concrete. It’s about defining what your business does. All of the actions that the company carries out form its mission. Formulate the mission of your company is the best way to make it real and to make it last throughout the life of your business.

For this, it is advisable to write a slogan. It is a textual format which has the particularity of being short and striking the spirit. Not only will it allow you to easily refer to the mission of your company when you need it, but it will also be useful to easily express your mission to your collaborators, partners or customers.

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Vis-à-vis the external environment of the company, the mission has a catalyst function. Your employees will attach themselves to it all the more if it is well formulated. Your customers may, for their part, be seduced by a corporate mission which corresponds to their values.

Finally, the mission of a company should be thought about long term. It has no connection with market conditions, which will in any case be subject to change. To set the mission of your company or future business, ask yourself a few essential questions:

  • What problem have you identified with your potential customers?

  • How would you like to answer it?

  • Is the solution you want to bring to this problem or need the best way to solve it?

Examples of corporate mission

Here are some examples of business assignments, from several sectors of activity. In the form of slogans, these missions are as concrete and meaningful as they are inspiring and ambitious.

  • LinkedIn’s mission is quite descriptive: “Connecting the world of professionals to make them more productive and effective.” »
  • That of Airbnb is known to invite you to travel: “Being in your place everywhere”.
  • The famous National Geographic magazine has formulated the following mission: “To increase and disseminate geographical knowledge throughout the world. »

How to define the vision of a company?

The company’s vision calls for a long-term projection. Behind its mission, which describes what the company brings to its customers, the vision is more like a dream. However, it should not be totally unrealistic.

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Determine your business vision

Defining a business vision requires taking into account changes in the world and in society. You have to be proactive to imagine yourself in 25 years:

  • What will the world look like?
  • Your sector of activity?
  • What role will your business have to play?

Although none entrepreneur No guesswork, formulating a vision should define the desirable state of your business. From this strategic visionyou are advised to set goals and an action plan not going beyond 5 to 10 coming years. If necessary, the vision will evolve according to the development context of the company and its environment, but it will serve as a compass for a sustainable development. While waiting to achieve your objectives, these will go in the direction of this global vision to which you will relate.

To determine your vision, adopt the same method as for the mission. As much as possible, try to hold your corporate vision in a single sentence, in a simple and understandable way for everyone. This sentence can also be brought to arouse emotions. It gives meaning to your goals and your daily actions.

Examples of business visions

Here are examples of visions formulated by famous companies:

  • When they founded LinkedIn in 2003, Reid Hoffman and Allen Blue articulated the following vision: “Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.”
  • On Airbnb’s side, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk presented a vision whose meaning goes beyond the very fact of renting property to travel: “Taking advantage of the universal human aspiration to be in one’s place – the desire to feel welcomed, respected and appreciated for who you are, wherever you are”.
  • At Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin modestly wanted to “allow access to information from around the world with just one click”.
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How to define the values ​​of a company?

Values ​​are the set of common beliefs developed at the heart of the company. They are transmitted to employees, but also to customers. The company values have an influence on his way of working and communicating, and found what is called the corporate culture.

Present the values ​​of your company

To determine the your company valuesyou will have to appeal to the mission and vision that you have developed, but also to the individual values ​​that drive the stakeholders of the creation of the company. The entrepreneur alone will naturally tend to define values ​​for his entrepreneurial project that are close to those he defends on a personal basis.

How do you formulate your values? The easiest way to ensure consistency between your mission, your vision and your values ​​is to formulate the 3 points one after the other. Reviewing your mission and your vision should lead you to formulate a list of values. These values ​​must be able to be found in your commercial approach, but also in your relations with your employees.

Examples of values ​​represented in business

A certain number of values ​​are common to several sectors of activity and types of companies. For example, innovation, creativity or excellence can guide a company’s actions in general.

Other values ​​are inherent to a sector of activity. For example, the quality is a value put forward by companies operating in the food industry, just like the trust is a value acclaimed by insurance companies.

At HubSpot for example, the values ​​form the acronym HEART:

  • Humility (Humble),
  • Empathy (Empathetic),
  • Adaptability (Adaptable),
  • excellency (Remarkable),
  • Transparency (Transparent).

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