How to delete your LinkedIn account in 5 steps

Knowing how to delete a LinkedIn account is essential to permanently erase all data linked to the account, and immediately leave the social network. From a computer or on the mobile application, the user closes his account in a very simple way, in 5 steps. In the final step, the password is required to delete his LinkedIn account.

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Why delete his LinkedIn account?

Several reasons can justify the deletion of a LinkedIn account:

  • The user finds that he makes no useful use of the social network. LinkedIn is a professional social network, which allows in particular to recruit and apply for job offers, to exchange with professionals in its sector of activity, to generate leads in B2B or to improve the notoriety of the company. ‘company. These opportunities offered by the social network do not serve the interests of all professions, in all regions. Independent artisans, for example, represent a much lower proportion of users than CSR consultants. The user who has registered to test the LinkedIn functionalities, without being satisfied, may thus wish to delete his account with a view to disconnecting from digital.
  • The user is in professional retraining and wants to rebuild his profile from scratch. When past information is no longer relevant, it becomes useless, even unfavorable, to highlight it on the social network. Instead of modifying all the data in his profile, he deletes his account to recreate a new one.
  • The user retires or the business closes. Since LinkedIn is a professional social network, maintaining an account without being in active life is of little use.
  • The user is concerned about the use made of his personal data. He wants his information to no longer appear online, neither on LinkedIn nor on search engine results, when an individual enters his name on the web. He also wants the social network to no longer have his personal data. Deleting your LinkedIn account is the solution to erasing your data.
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Other reasons may prompt the user to delete their LinkedIn account. However, there are alternatives:

  • If the user receives too many notification e-mails, he can configure the frequency of the e-mails, or even deactivate the sendings.
  • In the event of a duplicate, LinkedIn allows the accounts to be merged, thus preventing the user from losing their erased data when deleting an account.
  • The user who no longer wishes to pay for his Premium subscription can simply deactivate it, he then switches back to the free version of the Basic account.

Click on the profile icon

The profile icon, accessible directly on the home page, is easily identifiable: it is represented by the user’s photo. It is located at the top right of the computer screen, at the top left of the phone screen in the event of an account deletion from the mobile application.

Go to “Preferences and privacy”

linkedin preferences and privacy

After clicking on the profile icon, the user chooses the “Preferences and privacy” tab.

On mobile, the tab is simply titled “Preferences” and is located just below the username. Once the tab is open, the user clicks on “Account Preferences”.

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Click on “Close Account”

On the account preferences tab, the user scrolls down the page.

linkedin account preferences tab

In the account management box, click on “Close account”.

close your linkedin account

At this point, a warning message appears to inform about the consequences of deleting the account. Deleting a LinkedIn account permanently erases:

  • The contacts generated on the social network.
  • Messages exchanged with LinkedIn connections.
  • Professional recommendations given and received.
  • In general, all the data recorded during the creation of the profile: the photo, the contact details or the data of skills and professional background.

The user who changes his mind can still go back by using the arrow at the top left of the screen. If he hesitates, he can simply deactivate his account temporarily. If the user wishes to delete his LinkedIn account but keep his data, he can download a copy before leaving the social network.

Select deletion reason

LinkedIn asks the user to indicate the reason for deleting their account. Once the pattern has been selected, click on “Next”.

linkedin account deletion reasons

Enter password

In the last step, the user lands on the LinkedIn account deletion confirmation page: he enters his password and clicks “Done”. Note that the user must check the box to unsubscribe from e-mails if he wishes to completely interrupt communications from the social network.

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unsubscribe from linkedin emails

A confirmation message appears, notifying the closure of the account.

linkedin account deletion confirmation

Since then :

  • The user profile cannot be found on LinkedIn.
  • The profile continues to appear in search engine results for a while, until they refresh their data, but returns to an error page.
  • The user has 14 days to reactivate his account. To do this, he logs in with his old identifiers and clicks on “Reactivate”. Note that reactivating the deleted LinkedIn account does not allow you to find recommendations, pending invitations, or followed pages and groups.

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