how to disable the trackpad if you use a mouse?


If on iMac and Mac mini, we are forced to use a mouse or a remote trackpad to control macOS, on portable Macs, the integrated touchpad does the trick in most cases. Even if some users, especially image, video and sound professionals, or those for whom using the trackpad is painful or simply physically impossible, prefer to take advantage of a wired or wireless mouse. Indeed, although this area is really large on the latest models, an external tool dedicated to the control offers more room for maneuver, but also a potentially much softer position for the wrist.

If you’re one of those portable Mac users who writes on the built-in keyboard but directs the cursor using an external tool, you’ll be happy to know that the internal trackpad can be disabled. This can be practical to avoid false manipulations with the palm of the hand. Here’s the procedure to follow :

How do I disable the trackpad on MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro?

  • Go to the menu “” at the top left of macOS, in the status bar
  • Select “System Preferences…”
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Accessibility” icon
  • Scroll down the list of options from the left to reach “Mouse and trackpad”
  • Check the box “Ignore the built-in trackpad when a wireless mouse or trackpad is present”
Accessibility Trackpad

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Do you often use a mouse with your MacBook? If yes which one ? Personally, it’s this one from Logitech that I have been using intensely these last few days.

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