how to display your notes in floating windows on mac

how to display your notes in floating windows on mac

Ratings is Apple’s native note-taking app. It is available on iOS, but also on macOS and even as a web app via It is quite minimalist and may lack some advanced features, especially compared to competing apps, such as bear, Notebookzigné Zoho application seen here and particularly appreciated by the editorial staff, or even Formbooka very original alternative tested in our columns.

But Apple Notes just keeps getting better with new versions of iOS and macOS. Except that Apple doesn’t always spotlight Apple Notes features on macOS, old and new alike. Did you know, for example, that it is possible todisplay notes in floating mode?

Here’s how to take advantage of this feature on Mac.

View a note from Apple Notes in floating mode

It exists two ways used to display a note in a dedicated floating window. You must either go through the app menus, or use a shortcut with a mouse or trackpad click:

  • Through the menus : select a note in Apple Notes, then click on the “Window” menu at the very top and choose “Bring selected note to front”
  • By clicking : double-click on a note in the notes column
Note in floating window in Apple Notes


It is possible to perform one or the other of these two manipulations by having selected several notes upstream. All the selected notes are then displayed in a window dedicated to each of them.

Two note windows in Apple NotesTwo note windows in Apple Notes


Force display of a note in floating mode in the foreground

It is possible to leave an Apple Notes note displayed on the screen in a floating window in the foreground, even when switching apps. To do this, once a note has moved to floating mode, click on the “Window” menu and this time choose “Move to foreground”.

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A useful option for leave some important notes always visible on the screen.

Did you know these Apple Notes tricks on Mac?

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