How to do a poll on Instagram?

How to do a poll on Instagram?

The Instagram social network is increasingly adapting to the professional needs of digital communication experts. Since 2017, Instagram polls have been fully integrated into the content-sharing platform’s “Stories” format. For a brand or a company, doing an Instagram survey has many advantages and can even represent an opportunity to develop a bond of trust with its audience.

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Why do a poll on Instagram?

The Instagram poll is a powerful engagement tool for communication between a brand, business or public figure and its followers.

As part of a communication strategy, in particular a content creation strategy for social networks, the Instagram survey is a means ofmaintain contact with the community by summoning his opinion on a particular subject in a simple and direct manner. Where data analysis can provide very precise information on content consumption preferences of an audience, the Instagram poll is designed to ask him the question directly. It should be noted that the survey may also concern broader strategic themes, such as the brand’s positioning, its ethical, societal and moral commitment or its product or service offering.

Still in comparison with statistical data, widely used in marketing, the Instagram survey is an effective tool for measuring the level of audience engagement. Although it may not be comprehensive enough, cross-referencing its results with other statistical data provides a very concrete and realistic assessment of the level of community engagement with a brand’s content.

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This is why, on a strategic question, for example, the Instagram survey can be a real starting point for the implementation of a new commercial and/or marketing strategy. The results obtained in an Instagram survey can indeed very easily be translated into performance indicators (KPI), which can themselves be used during the strategic determination phase.

What types of polls can you do on Instagram?

Organize a quiz

General knowledge questions organized in the form of quizzes are generally very popular with Instagram communities. However, before setting up this type of survey, it is better to ensure consistency between the questions that will be asked and the value proposition as well as the editorial line of the company or brand involved. ‘origin.

To organize a quiz in the form of an Instagram poll, it is advisable to start with the easiest questions and gradually increase the level. The most complex questions should be left for the end and not too numerous so as not to discourage participants.

Ask customers for their opinion on certain products

Instagram is a perfect showcase for showcasing products. So, when the platform also makes it possible to solicit the opinion of customers and prospects, the first users of the products, the opportunity is to be seized.

For a company, asking customers about their products can mean asking them to answer “Yes” or “No” to a simple closed-ended question such as “Do you like it? » or to put two products in competition so that they choose the one they prefer.

Small traders or even restaurateurs have every interest in using this free tool to build their commercial offer according to what appeals to their target.

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Survey the audience on the type of content they want to see on Instagram

Since Instagram is first and foremost a content sharing platform, its “Survey” tool can be used quite simply to ask the audience about the content present on the company or brand account.

For this type of Instagram poll, the most important thing is to go to the essentials. A new idea for formatting content? A desire to deal with new themes? It is strongly advised to formulate the question in the simplest way possible in order to collect a maximum of answers and thus benefit from a more representative panel of users.

In the long term, if this methodology is adopted, it can greatly influence the composition of the editorial planning of the Instagram account, thus offering content perfectly in line with the expectations of the audience.

Use the “emoji” slider to nuance audience responses

The emoji slider is one of the “Stickers” in Instagram’s Stories format. This is a gauge allowing users to answer a question using a scale of magnitude. It is possible to integrate it into the visual formatting of an Instagram story to suggest more levels of response than with a classic “Survey” sticker and, thus, offer more subtlety to subscribers. In addition, offering more answers is also an obvious opportunity to generate more engagement from the audience.

How to do a poll on Instagram?

To set up a poll on Instagram, you must start by creating a new story from the account concerned. To do this, simply click on the circle where the profile picture of the account is located, at the top left of the news feed. Creating a new Instagram story starts with selecting a colored background or a photo. This visual can be retrieved from the photo library of the phone used to create the Instagram story.

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Then, to integrate a poll into the Instagram story, you must use a “Poll” type sticker. Stickers can be found in the Instagram stories menu, after clicking on the small sticker icon at the top right of the story design space. To select the “Survey” sticker, simply touch it. The interface below is then displayed.

poll decal

Here, you have to choose the question to ask the community. “Yes” and “No” are not the only possible answers. It is possible to customize the response proposals, provided they do not exceed the character limit imposed by Instagram. Once the editing of the survey is finished, just press “Done” at the top right of the interface.

Example of a two-response survey

The last step in designing the Instagram poll is to move the sticker in the space of the story according to the desired rendering. For a question of readability, it is strongly advised not to reduce the size of the question and the proposed answers too much, and to place them as much as possible in the center of the Instagram story.

Finally, all that remains is to publish this new Instagram story so that the survey can be shared with the entire community. It should be noted that an Instagram story remains visible for 24 hours.

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