How to do a Zoom poll?

How to do a Zoom poll?

The Zoom application is increasingly used by companies that want to organize online video conferences. The tool makes it possible to create a virtual room that can accommodate up to 10,000 participants and gives them the possibility of interacting via several options such as screen sharing or Zoom polling.

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What is the poll feature on Zoom?

The Zoom poll allows you to collect the opinion of participants in a meeting or webinar carried out via the application. This tool, available only for professional accounts with a paid license, gives access to a certain number of options such as the integration of multiple-choice questions or the possibility of viewing the results live during the meeting.

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Only the original meeting host can edit or add a poll during the meeting. If he wants to delegate the moderation of the meeting to a colleague, he must first activate the parameter “Allow alternate hosts to add or modify polls”.

It is quite possible to create several polls during the same meeting, each of which can contain up to 10 questions. The application makes it possible to download the reports as soon as the meeting is over and to guarantee the anonymity of the respondents if necessary.

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1 – Log in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator and change the settings to enable the poll creation option

The first step is to log in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator and change the settings to enable the option to create a poll.

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First, click on “Account management”, then on “Settings”.

Then it’s a matter of choosing “Meeting”, then “Polls/meeting quizzes” to activate the option, then the box “Allow the host to create advanced polls and quizzes”.

2 – Access the scheduled meeting

In the next step, click on “Meetings” in the navigation menu, before clicking on the subject of the scheduled meeting.

3 – Go to the “Polls/Quiz” tab

The user must then scroll down the interface to access the “Polls/Quiz” tab.

4 – Create a survey by clicking on “Create”

Clicking “Create” opens a new Zoom survey.

5 – Give a title to the Zoom survey

You must then give a title to the poll.

6 – Click on the question area to choose the type of question

By clicking on the question area, the different types of questions appear.

You must then choose the type of question in the drop-down menu: single choice or multiple choice, then click on “Add a question” to create an additional question.

7 – Click on the “…” button to define the options

The “…” button allows participants to respond anonymously.

The survey can then be added to the survey library.

8 – Click on “Save”

Once the Zoom poll has been created, it is accessible during the meeting. Just go to the meeting controls, click on the “Poll” button, then choose “Launch”. Participants then have the opportunity to answer questions and the host can view the results live.

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How do I retrieve the results of a Zoom poll?

Polls are automatically saved at the end of the meeting to the user’s account. To view them, you must:

  • Go to the “Reports” option available in the “Account Management” section.
  • Access “Meetings” in the “Usage Reports” tab.
  • Go to “Survey Reports”.
  • Find the relevant meeting.
  • Click on “Generate” and download the report in CSV format.

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