How to Download & Record a Linkedin Video in 1 min?

télécharger et enregistrer video linkedin

Have you seen an interesting video on your news feed and want to upload it to re-share it internally or on your own Linkedin news feed? Here is the easiest and most efficient procedure (which does not require any websites or third party tools infested with ads and / or viruses) to save any video shared on Linkedin by a page or profile.

No, the right click save as on a Linkedin video (especially sponsored ones for example), will not allow you to save it on your computer or download it.

Here’s the only real trick that always works and doesn’t require any tools.

Download and save any Linkedin video on your computer / Macbook in a few clicks

For upload a shared video on Linkedin, nothing could be simpler, you just need:

  • Identify the post with the video you want to retrieve then click on the three dots at the top right of the latter to get the final link of the linkedin post containing the video you want to download. To do this, simply click on ” Copy link to post“.
  • Paste in the web address bar the link copied previously, you will then arrive on a url of type
  • At this point, all you have to do is retrieve the exact link of the video embedded in the post. To do this, right click just above the video in the publication then click on ” Inspect “/” Inspect element »Depending on your browser. (Don’t be afraid, you will have access to the source code of the post but there is nothing too complicated). Then you just have to make a CTRL + F (command + F on Mac) then paste in the inspector’s search bar for go directly to the URL of the Linkedin video to retrieve and which will allow you in the next step to then save it on your computer / Macbook.
source code get linkedin video link
  • Copy this link then paste the full address in a dedicated tab. Once loaded, you just have to right click -> ” Save video as … »And choose in which folder you want record your first downloaded Linkedin video without a third-party site or tool.
record linkedin video

This Linkedin video recording method is the most reliable, the least risky for your computer / Macbook and the safest to protect you against possible viruses, popup ads on sites that offer to download Linkedin videos for you.

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If you wish, you can alternatively download Chrome or Firefox extensions (as we recommend for downloading a Facebook or Dailymotion video) that allow you to do the same thing but you will unnecessarily burden your browser while this procedure dedicated to Linkedin, when you have mastered it, will not take you more than a minute to complete by downloaded Linkedin video.

Disclaimer: All videos hosted on linkedin are copyrighted so we urge you to educate yourself about this and request the necessary recovery permissions before uploading and / or reusing them on your end.

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