How to Download Twitter Video Online? (Simply)

You wish download a video discovered on Twitter to save it on your computer or your Android or iPhone smartphone ? Do you want to be able to keep track of a video shared on the microblogging platform without having to pay a tool for it? Here are some easy and working methods to save any video shared on Twitter.

Important note: the Twitter videos that you plan to download are surely subject to copyright, so we invite you to contact their creators if you want to save them for reuse later in order not to risk legal proceedings. .

How to download Twitter video from computer or Mac?

The easiest method to download any twitter video online from a computer or a Mac is to retrieve the URL of the Tweet containing the video and then go to an online tool to extract it and then save it in mp4 format.

For those who prefer, there are also free software to install on their computer or Mac that also quickly retrieve Twitter videos from a post link.

In this section, we will introduce you how to download and save video shared on twitter directly online, from your browser.

For that, you will have to follow these few simple steps:

twitter video download tool
Overview of the online tool to download Twitter videos
  • Go on and paste the full URL of the tweet in the section provided for this purpose (where it is marked “Insert link”) then click on ” To download “;
download then save twitter video
Choose the format of the Twitter video to save
  • Choose the quality in which you want to record the video by clicking on one of the buttons presented;
record twitter video
Record video directly on your computer or Mac
  • Then save the video in the folder of your choice on your Windows or Mac computer by right-clicking on the video then clicking on ” Save video as… ”.

PS: the site offers a Chrome extension but we do not recommend installing it to avoid any problem with Chrome.

How to save a Twitter video in .mp4 on your iPhone or Android smartphone?

To can save a Twitter video on your iPhone or Android smartphone without problem, in a few seconds, here is the procedure that you will have to follow (it can be scary but it is very fast):

copy url video download twitter
  • Once connected, browse Twitter to find the video you want to save then copy the URL of the tweet that contains it to your browser;
record iphone twitter video
  • Then go to a new tab on the site then paste the URL of the tweet with the video in the section “Insert link” then click on ” To download “;
  • You will then be redirected to a page offering you different formats to save your Twitter video in MP4;
download video twitter iphone
import downloaded twitter video drive
You must click on the icon located at the top right of your Chrome browser
  • All you have to do then is save the video to Google Drive (or any other file storage application) by first clicking (from the Chrome application) on the icon with an up arrow located at right of the URL in the search bar;
download video twitter iphone
Sharing options to save Twitter video to iPhone via Google Drive
  • This click will allow you to access the sharing options: all you have to do is select the Google Drive application (or the other of your choice) then import the video;
import downloaded twitter video drive
Import of Twitter video uploaded to Google Drive
  • Your video now on Google Drive, you can then save it on your smartphone if you wish.

Alternatively, if you have a computer nearby, the fastest will be to do the procedure since last then upload the video to your smartphone.

How to download and convert Twitter GIF to mp4 video?

Sometimes when you browse Twitter you feel like you are watching a video but it is actually a GIF. You can also distinguish them because Twitter displays ” GIF »At the bottom left of the publications which are:

twitter gif indicator video
GIF indicator on Twitter tweets

If you use the method presented above to download a video to your computer or smartphone, it will also work if it is originally a GIF.

In order to be able to save this kind of GIF post and turn it into MP4 video, you just need to follow the same procedure as shown in the sections above.

How to record a Twitter video from the iPhone or Android mobile application?

Unfortunately, to date, Twitter does not natively offer the possibility of downloading a video shared on its social network from its Android or iOS (iPhone) mobile application, it will therefore be necessary to follow the above procedure in order to record any video content in MP4 on a smartphone from or

How to download a Facebook video?

We hope that these different methods presented to record a Twitter video have been useful to you, do not hesitate to suggest other options to us if you know even simpler ones.

How to download a Dailymotion video?

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