How to download your Linkedin CV in PDF format?

Do you want to download your entire Linkedin profile in pdf format to create your CV in less than a minute? Here’s how it works and what it looks like when downloaded.

How to save your Linkedin CV in PDF format?

save cv linkedin pdf
How to save your linkedin profile as a CV in PDF format?

For download your Linkedin profile and transform it into a CV shareable to an employer in less than a minute, just follow these few steps:

  • Connect to your Linkedin account from a computer;
  • Go to your profile and make sure you have completed all the different sections of your profile as well as your training and experiences (you will not be able to modify them afterwards);
  • Then click on ” More ” then ” Save as PDF “;
  • The download will start automatically, you just have to rename it and save it on your computer.

CV example in PDF format downloaded from Linkedin

example export cv linkedin
Here is a concrete example of the rendering after exporting the profile

All the experiences visible on the profile are added, the exported CV can thus be made up of several pages depending on the descriptions added on each experience and the number of experiences and training provided.

Some points to know about exporting a Linkedin profile in CV PDF format

  • If you have added emoticons to your LinkedIn profile, they will not be visible on the exported PDF;
  • All the elements displayed on your profile will be added to your CV, if you want to hide some of them, you must do this before exporting directly to your profile otherwise all your past experiences as well as all your training will be automatically added to the PDF;
  • You do not have the choice on the format of the exported PDF, it is the same for everyone and it is not possible to modify the navy blue color of the left column;
  • Your profile photo will not be added to the CV generated by Linkedin but you are free to add it with any free Photoshop alternative.

There you go, you now have all the cards in your hand for transform in a few clicks your Linkedin profile into a CV with a sober and professional design in PDF format, without having to use any DTP service.

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