How to Drill on TikTok? (The 8 TikTok Tips)

Khartoon Weiss, Global Agency & Account Manager at TikTok, shared some keys to helping creators break into TikTok. Here is what to remember from his intervention and his advice.

In this article, we bring you the key takeaways from Khartoon Weiss’ presentation for succeed on TikTok (and gain followers) !

Prerequisites: understanding how TikTok works is essential to break through

“TikTok is not a social network. It is an entertainment platform. »

Khartoon Weiss

That’s how Khartoon Weiss, TikTok’s Global Head of Agencies and Accounts, described the world’s most downloaded app at The Gathering, an annual business and marketing summit held in Banff, Canada. .

What is the difference between TikTok and other social networks?

“People don’t ‘check’ Tiktok. They are looking. “This difference in behavior (with other applications) is not insignificant. » »

Khartoon Weiss, TikTok

How to succeed on TikTok? The 8 tips for breaking through (without the ads)

drill on TikTok
How to break into TikTok (with a personal or brand account)?

TikTok is not a platform for sharing YOLO moments (à la Instagram), FOMO (à la YouTube / Linkedin) and selfies (Snapchat / Instagram).

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On the contrary, the network wants to be family and inclusive.

It is a collaborative space that rewards optimism.

“Microcommunities” crystallize around community hashtags like #crafttok, #planttok, and #DIYtok.

Tip 1 – Share complex knowledge by popularizing it

Experts within these communities share “complex information summarized in a simple way”. This in turn creates even more experts and more knowledge to share.

In summary, to break into TikTok, the first key, and one of the most important, is to share complex knowledge (while popularizing it).

As a brand, this means that you need to focus on entertainment or education.

Find your place in these existing communities and bring an added value of your own.

Turn your knowledge or expertise of one topic into multiple TikToks and learn as you go what works for your brand.

Tip 2 – Be receptive to exchanges with the TikTok audience (and optimize your next videos accordingly)

Consider leaving comments on your content open so the community can give you feedback on what they think of your videos.

Their feedback will help you optimize your next videos and identify what works. Then use their insights to guide your TikTok content strategy.

Tip #3 – Be authentic, don’t overdo it!

TikTok wants to be a reflection of “the new generation and new behaviors related to digital media”.

“The community has no problem accepting anything you want to put forward,” Weiss said.

Your videos don’t need to be perfect and very well edited to generate hundreds of thousands of views.

On this point, the hashtag #smallbusinesstiktok can show you how small businesses are speaking on TikTok in an authentic way.

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You probably guessed it, but they are content to tell real stories behind the scenes of their activity and the creation of their products, without adding marketing arguments.

“Small businesses took their creativity and turned it into content, and now it automatically becomes commerce,” Weiss said.

Tip 4 – The number of subscribers does not matter, do not focus on it!

Community acceptance is essential.

TikTok’s algorithm focuses on the quality of interactions with content (dwell time, number of interactions, likes, recordings, shares, comments, etc.) and not on the number of followers of the account that posted the video to determine whether or not he wants to push this content to more people.

This means that what you see in your feed is what the community is highlighting, rather than videos from the accounts you follow.

Tip #5 – Take inspiration from what popular creators are doing (and listen to their advice)

“Unlearn everything you have learned”

Khartoon Weiss, TikTok

“That’s not how the next generation talks. You’ve always had agencies consult with you – why don’t you let the creators advise you? Creators will help you unpack your brand and think about ways to connect with your audience. »

Khartoon Weiss, TikTok

Tip #6 – Use authentic video testimonials from your current customers on your account

If you are promoting a brand, product, or service, use truly authentic customer review videos can be a very good way to convert viewers into buyers (if, and only if, the reviews are neither sponsored nor “fake”).

Rather than talking about social commerce, TikTok prefers to speak of “community commerce”.

Bonus: Tip #7 – Invite your best customers to share their feedback on video (with a discount)

(This advice is not from TikTok but it seems relevant to us for break through as a business on TikTokand especially, convert views into sales).

A hack can for example consist of sending a request, by email, to your most loyal customers to invite them to share their experience, on video, in an authentic way on their personal TikTok accounts (if they have one), with the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit for example.

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Of course, we strongly encourage you to offer them a counterpart for this: it can be a discount on the next purchase or free products for example.

Bonus: Tip #8 – Create a quality product/service, you’ll be more likely to get UGC videos naturally, without quid pro quos

If we were to learn an important lesson for brands: TikTok is not a platform like the others, and it is impossible to pretend to succeed.

Above all, be authentic and put the community first.

Create a great product. Build that loyalty. And the community will fuel the discovery of your brand over the long term with videos produced in an authentic way, without counterparties.

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