How to Export Emails from Linkedin Contacts in 2022?

With more than 467 million members, Linkedin is by far the most used professional social network in the world. If this platform is very useful for networking and job search, it is also for business prospecting. Here we will show you how to easily export and download the emails of all your Linkedin contacts in a few minutes.

Exporting the emails of your Linkedin contacts in 2022: the only possible option

To export the emails of your Linkedin contacts, you must now use a professional tool like this.

For a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool, we invite you to read their dedicated article on the subject.

If you still can export the data of your linkedin contacts, the number 1 professional social network in the world now no longer allows to natively export the emails of its users as he allowed before. It is therefore essential to use dedicated tools.

Article updated on 29-11-2018 : probably for reasons of compliance with the RGPD, Linkedin no longer allows to export the emails of its contacts. By browsing each user’s profile, however, you can retrieve their email if they agree to leave it visible to you.

The old method to download the emails and details of your Linkedin contacts in 2018

In 2017, LinkedIn offered an interface that made access to the export of contacts less easy but possible. Here’s how to export the last name, first name, email address, company and current position of all of your Linkedin contacts:

  • Log in to your account then go to the new interface for managing your LinkedIn account settings
    • Look for the ” Obtain archives of your data
    • Click on ” Quick file only “=>” Request archives
    • LinkedIn will ask you to enter your password to validate your request => then click on ” Ended »To validate the request
    • An email will then be sent to you a few minutes later when the export is ready to be downloaded.
    • Once the email has been received, click on ” download it with this link
    • You will be redirected to the LinkedIn interface and a ” To download “Will now appear in the” Obtain archives of your data
    • Click on ” To download »To download all your data and those of your contacts
    • All you have to do is save your export on your computer
    • To access your contacts, you will need to unzip the exported file and then access the .csv file called ” Connections
download linkedin contacts
Preview of the new export interface for LinkedIn contacts
download emails contacts linkedin
Once the LinkedIn email is clicked, all you have to do is download the zip file containing, among other things, all the emails of your LinkedIn contacts
export connections linkedin
The emails, company and current position of your Linkedin contacts can be found in the file called Connections.csv

Exporting emails from Linkedin contacts, a feature that is still too little known

If many spammers are already very familiar with this feature to practice it wildly, export the emails of your Linkedin contacts, as long as one is a little bit active on this social network, can very quickly turn out to be interesting for developing a business or canvassing potential prospects.

Private messages on Linkedin work well but require you to come back frequently to Linkedin to follow the progress of your contacts. To make things easier, you canvery easily obtain the personal or professional email of any contact in your Linkedin network (the more connections you have, the wider the field of possibilities will be).

The importance of his Linkedin network for the growth of his business

Have you ever accepted someone into your professional network without them being a real acquaintance? Have you never sent a request to join the network of a potential business partner without really knowing them? Many of us solicit people we don’t really know, and many of us accept people into our professional Linkedin network that we don’t know but who are in the same industry as ours. So how can we use these connections for marketing purposes? Exporting emails from your Linkedin contacts is the first step necessary before any other step.

How to export the complete list of emails from contacts on Linkedin? 5 simple steps to follow.

Edit 05/03/2017: This method no longer works since the redesign of LinkedIn, so you must refer to the procedure detailed earlier in this article in order to download all the data and emails of your Linkedin contacts.

For export all the data linked to your Linkedin contacts, emails included, all you have to do is follow these few steps once you are logged in to your Linkedin account.

  • Step 1 – Connect to your Linkedin account from a PC
linkedin connection
  • 2nd step – Go to the “Connections” section (or “Network” if you use Linkedin in French)
  • Step 3 – Then click on the small cogwheel to access the advanced parameters: in this section, Linkedin will tell you the total number of connections you have (and therefore the total name of emails that you can export). On the right of this page, a small folder icon with an arrow inside invites you, if you wish, to export all of your Linkedin contacts.
export contacts linkedin
export emails linkedin
  • Step 4 – Choose the export format (.csv or .vcf). Depending on the mailbox used, you can select a specific type of file that will be optimized for importing contacts directly into this mailbox (currently only Outlook and YahooMail are supported).
  • Step 5 – Enter the Captcha displayed on the screen to be able to start the export
  • Step 6 – Rename and save your file to the location of your choice on your PC

If you can’t find the place to export all of your Linkedin contacts, simply follow this link when you are logged into your Linkedin account.

How to decrypt the exported file?

Once your file has been exported, you will be able to open it from Excel and start using the data collected. The exported file being a .csv, you will need to perform a few small manipulations to make it more readable and usable.

To do this, once opened in Excel:

  • select the entire first column
  • go to the “Data” tab of Excel
  • click on “convert”
  • select “delimited”
  • click on “Next”
  • in the “separators” section, check “comma”
  • click on “Next”
  • click on “Done”

Your Excel file should now be much more readable with well separated columns. All you have to do then is save your file in the traditional Excel format.

What data on my Linkedin contacts can I export? Email, but not just …

This very simple manipulation allows you to obtain several interesting data on all of your Linkedin contacts, thus, here is the data that will be included in your export:

  • The first name of your contact
  • The name
  • Email address (personal or professional depending on the contacts)
  • The name of the current company
  • The title entered on the Linkedin profile

Exporting your Linkedin contacts to feed an email database, what does the law say?

What does the law say about the exploitation of emails without the consent of the recipient? Do you really have the right to use emails from Linkedin for your B2B Emailing campaigns? Can you use these same Email for B2C emailing?

You have the right to use all B2B emails collected without the explicit consent of Internet users as long as the shipments relate to B2B practices. In contrast, it is not legal to use all personal emails for marketing purposes, for B2B as for B2C.

Thereby, after having exported all the emails of your Linkedin contacts, before adding them all to your email database (which we do not recommend), You will first need to sort to remove all the personal emails from your Linkedin contacts from your list.

To sort it out, it’s actually quite simple thanks to Excel. By filtering all emails ending with, for example, you have a lot of chances to delete a large part of personal emails from your Linkedin contacts.

If you repeat the operation with the main mailboxes such as or, the sorting will be even more precise and your B2B email database cleaner and ready to be exploited in the rules of the art and above all, legally.

To go even further, once you have your own email database, you will be able to create specific groups of contacts and emails, depending on the title of their position (if they are “founders”, “CEOs” or if this are “project managers”, “managers” for example). Once this has been done, you will only have to adapt and personalize your message according to your contacts and your objectives.

If you think that this short overview of the Linkedin contacts export feature may be useful to some of your contacts, then do not hesitate to share the link of this article around you.

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