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How to find a Montessori nanny? Tips & Tricks


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Finding a Montessori nanny is possible!

More and more parents are opting for Montessori education in order to give children the right foundations to be independent. This technique is not acquired only by obtaining information on the internet or by reading books. If you choose this path for your child’s first three years, it is possible to hire a nanny who is sensitive to this approach.

A nanny familiar with Montessori methods

To achieve the objectives of this pedagogy, the continuity of education remains important. Now, it is now possible to find a nanny familiar with Montessori methods. Specialized agencies have a solid network of nannies who now adapt to the needs of parents.

To find the right provider to entrust your search for a nanny, here are some points to observe:

  • He remains very sensitive to the safety and well-being of the child
  • It focuses on the services it provides
  • He pays particular attention to the needs of the household

The skills of a good agency also translate into obtaining a Qualicert certification. However, she also adopts a rigorous recruitment system to find the right people. Calling on a nanny sensitive to Montessori pedagogy ensures the continuity of the education you have already set up. You also benefit from other advantages, if you meet the conditions: assistance from CAF / MSA or obtaining a 50% tax credit.

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The objectives of Montessori pedagogy

The Montessori learning technique requires an environment suitable for children, so that they can improve their concentration and ability to control themselves. This pedagogy helps to empower them and help them acquire more balance so that they become independent adults. In this process, children learn to decide and manage their lives by being aware of the consequences of their actions. In order to lead them to success, this method brings them all the essential keys that they will use until adulthood. That is why it is important that the nanny comes to your home, where you have created the favorable environment.

Learning begins in the first three years of their life. This fundamental period is considered the right starting point to assist a child in his development. To master or at least become familiar with it, it is essential to go through training. The latter aims above all to assimilate the necessary knowledge and to know the needs of the child. Indeed, the basic principle of this education is to release the child’s abilities and make him independent from an early age.

Find montessori nanny

Training in Montessori education

Currently, there are at least three types of training to develop the skills required. Each has its target audiences and the choice depends entirely on the goal of each learner.

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Face-to-face training

Face-to-face training allows a more in-depth approach of Montessori pedagogy. Indeed, it is not limited to providing theoretical learning, it also addresses the practical aspect. The nanny thus learns to choose the appropriate equipment and its use. This training facilitates the detection of a sensitive period and the establishment of an appropriate environment for the child. For a Montessori educator training, obtaining an AMI aggregation remains essential.

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Online training

This type of training is intended above all for people who wish to be trained, but who do not have the possibilities of attending face-to-face training. Knowledge acquisition is carried out through various media : videos, written lessons or audio recordings.

Discovery sessions

The Discovery Sessions are designed for people, including parents, who only want a general approach. Many agencies offer the exploration of the environment, tools and foundations of Montessori pedagogy to discover its basic principles. Your nanny may well be sensitized to this method in this way !



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