How to find a specific emoji on iPhone

Écran iOS de recherche d'emojis dans l'app Messages iPhone

Just like Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros, Apple’s mobile devices include a keyboard search function for emoticons. It’s very practical for easily illustrating a message without having to search through the dozens of emojis, especially since there are more and more each year.

Here is exactly how to take advantage of this feature on iPhone and iPad. Please note that you need at least iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 to enjoy it.

How to Search Emojis in Keyboard on iOS

First of all, you should know that the search for emojis is available in any app on iPhone and iPad, in fact, as soon as the keyboard can be used to insert emojis.

The search procedure is very simple, here is how to do it:

  • Open the emojis panel by tapping on the corresponding icon
  • Emojis display with a search box above
iOS screen showing how to use emoji search in Messages


  • Try words and see which matching emoticons appear
iOS screen showing emoji search examplesiOS screen showing emoji search examples


  • Note that depending on the keyboard language, the words to write to find emoticons are not the same. So, if you switch the keyboard to English for example, you have to type English words to find the expected results
iOS screen showing language change for emoji searchiOS screen showing language change for emoji search


  • Finally, to deactivate the search function keyboard and return to a classic presentation of emojis, simply press the icon at the bottom right comprising 3 monochrome emojis
iOS screen showing key to quit emoji searchiOS screen showing key to quit emoji search


There you go, you know everything about finding emojis on iPhone and iPad. Is this a feature you use often?

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