How to find the storage of default apps on iPhone?

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As seen here, there are many ways to store apps on iPhone and iPad. And it is all the more important to think about organizing them correctly as our iOS devices have more and more storage space and can therefore accommodate many apps now. When the time comes to clean up, it is possible to delete all unnecessary apps, but also to reset its pages to return to the storage of default apps, the one offered when the iPhone or iPad comes out of the box. For this, there is a very simple manipulation, which does not require a complete reset of the machine! Follow the leader.

How to reset app storage

  • Go to iPhone or iPad settings
  • Go in General > Transfer or Reset iPhone
Default storage setting for iOS apps


  • Choose “Reset”
  • Then “Reset home screen”
Default storage option for iOS appsDefault storage option for iOS apps


Once the manipulation has been validated, all Apple apps are found on the first page. The other applications, those installed by the user from the App Store are not lost! They are displayed from the second page and are also arranged in alphabetical order.

Thus, it is possible to leave the display as it is, a classification by letter being always better than nothing. Or, take up a new way of classifying your apps and thus regain an efficiency that tends to be lacking after years of use and app installations.

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