How to find your App Store invoices on iPhone?

iPhone tenu dans les mains avec l'historique des factures de l'App Store affiché

Have you spent the last few weeks on the App Store? You may not be sure anymore or in any case do not remember the exact amount. Or you need to find a specific invoice to justify the purchase of an app for your business.

Know that it is very easy to find the list of all your purchases on iTunes and the App Store, from their iPhone or iPad. The procedure even includes the possibility of having each invoice returned by email.

How to Access iTunes and App Store Invoice List

  • Open the app Settings
  • Access your Apple account by tapping on your profile at the very top of the page
  • Choose the “Multimedia content and purchases” menu then select Account
iOS screen to access App Store invoices


  • On the next page, scroll down until you find the mention “Purchase History”
Handling to do to access the invoice of the App StoreHandling to do to access the invoice of the App Store


  • Wait, loading may take a few seconds. Then the list of purchases is displayed
App Store Invoice ListApp Store Invoice List


From there, you can change the display period of the last invoices, but also access the details of each purchase by pressing “Total invoiced”. The complete invoice and the “Resend” option are then displayed. This allows you to receive the invoice in question by email.

iOS screen for sending app invoice to emailiOS screen for sending app invoice to email


Admittedly, this is not a trick that we will use every day, but it can help out in some cases, so it is better to have it in your bag of iOS tips and tricks.

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