How to Format your Professional Facebook Posts? (bold, italics, underline …)

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Since the launch of Facebook, a misunderstanding persisted until recently: why Facebook does not allow its users to format the text of their Facebook posts? The good news is that it is now possible to format (bold, underline, italics, dotted lists…) the publications of events and Facebook groups. The bad news is, it’s still not possible to do this on professional Facebook page posts… Here’s how it works on groups and events.

“Formatting branded posts helps you structure and highlight important elements of your content, giving you the flexibility to use bold or italics, quotes, embedded links, and bulleted lists.” or numbered in your text. ” – Facebook

Here are the Facebook formatting options offered on Facebook groups and events

List: the best emoticons, emojis and symbols useful for formatting and illustrating Facebook posts

How to bold text on Facebook?

On a post shared on an event or a Facebook group, it is very easy to bold some or all of the text.

The fastest is to use a keyboard shortcut after selecting the text to modify:

  • CTRL + b on Windows PC or Command + b on Mac

How do I italicize text on Facebook?

Just as you can bold text in a Facebook group or event post with a keyboard shortcut, it is also possible to Italicize any portion of text on Facebook with this simple keyboard shortcut, after selecting the text to change to italics:

  • CTRL + i on Windows computer OR Command + i on Mac

How to underline text on Facebook?

You can simply select your text and click on the underlined icon otherwise, if you want to go faster:

  • CTRL + u on Windows computer OR Command + u on Mac

How to format text as a quote on Facebook?

This option of transforming text into a quote is only accessible by selecting the text and clicking on the quotes to turn it into a quote.

I have not yet found the keyboard shortcut that allows you to transform text from a Facebook post into a quote, but I will find and share it with you here;).

How to format text in H1, H2 headings on Facebook?

This option of transforming text into H1 or H2 title is only accessible by selecting the text and clicking on “H1” or “H2” to transform it into titles and sub-titles to structure its text.

How to create an ordered or unordered list on Facebook?

This option of formatting Facebook text in the form of an ordered list (numbered) or an unordered list with simple bullet points is only accessible by selecting the text and clicking on the icons dedicated to ordered lists and unordered.

Are you looking for the most used emoticons, emojis and symbols to format and illustrate Facebook posts?

Hopefully these options will soon be offered to Facebook pages …

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