How to get Instagram certification?


Much like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram allows administrators of an Instagram page to request an Instagram certified badge and Instagram certification for certain pages. 1ere Position, a social media agency in Lyon, helps you understand how get Instagram certification and a blue Instagram badge. Unfortunately, there is no manipulation that ensures you get the Instagram badge, it is only information on the subject. A web agency cannot provide you with this type of service either.

Instagram verified badge

Instagram verified badge comes as a small icon How to get Instagram certification? that follows the name of a page. This Instagram verification badge is given to pages by Instagram. Which means the account is genuine : it represents a celebrity, an important public figure or a brand with a very strong reputation. A dedicated team is responsible for carrying out the usual checks.

How to get Instagram certification?

Getting Instagram certified is no easy task. Indeed, it is impossible to request the certification of an Instagram page directly to the social network when you are a page administrator. Since 2014, the Instagram team has been verifying the accounts of public figures or brands with high popularity.

Even if Instagram stipulates that there is not a number of followers to reach, no particular industry or no optimization to be done to obtain the certified Instagram badge, it is advisable to have:

  • A biography
  • Regularly published content
  • An engaged community (no buying fake likes)
  • A risk of identity theft

Only big brands and personalities are really concerned with getting an Instagram badge. In addition, even if your Facebook page is certified by a blue badge or a gray badge, your Instagram page will not necessarily be certified.

The procedure for obtaining Instagram certification

From August 2018, the Instagram team decided to simplify the process of obtaining Instagram certification. Again, not all accounts will get the Blue Badge, the process only allows you to apply for the Grail. Here is the procedure to follow to obtain Instagram certification:

  • From the application, click on “Settings” in the menu
  • Then, click on “Request verification
  • Fill out the form: last name, first name, Instagram nickname
  • Attach a passport photo

Instagram specifies that the procedure is particularly suitable for personalities, big brands, organizations and influencers. All accounts that could be hacked. If you think you are one of these sensitive accounts, ask for your Instagram badge!

Why get an Instagram verified badge?

A verified Instagram badge is a good opportunity for digital communication and real advantage for your brand image. The Instagram verified badge has several advantages:

  • Visibility : Instagram pages with a blue Instagram badge are more visible and can stand out from the competition in this way
  • Brand image : Having a certified Instagram account is often a reassuring sign for internet users who can trust your page because it is deemed authentic by Instagram
  • Fight against identity theft : If you are looking to certify an Instagram page for this reason, you might be interested in knowing what to do if someone impersonates you on Instagram.

On Instagram, only pages that are at real risk of identity theft are likely to obtain an Instagram badge. However, if you have a Facebook page, you will surely be able to find information on our article how to get Facebook page certified or get Twitter certification.

Update 2021

Since 2018 (3 years already) it is no longer necessary to be a celebrity or a famous brand to obtain the blue certification badge of an Instagram account. Now any personal or business account can get one, even without having a large number of subscribers.

What more can be done with the certified account since 2018?

Since 2018, thanks to the certification of your Instagram account, you can insert links directly into your stories. This is a great opportunity for your business and the acquisition of new visitors to your site. Take this opportunity if you have an online store where you sell your products.

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